Hitbox Vs. Mixbox


I’m thinking about buying one of these to try them out. I used to play fighting games on pc with a keyboard before I was able to buy a stick. I was wondering what are the advantages or disadvantages of one over the other. What do you guys recommend?


What the fuck is a Mixbox?


I would disregard the advantages and disadvantages of each layout, and just go with what is comfortable for you.
Try playing WASD layout on keyboard and then use A = left , W = Down, D = Right, and Space = Up so you can “try” the layout.


No reason you can’t have both. It’s as simple as wiring two buttons in parallel.



I’m already kinda familiar with the arrow key layout from playing Mugen back in the day. I’ll give the WASD layout a try.


True that!


Hitbox is the truth bro. It’s the best layout ever. People played with that keyboard layout because they didn’t think of anything else. It just emulates the arrow key layout. Hitbox is better and research went into coming up with the layout. It’s the most efficient and leads to better execution.


Yeah that’s what I was hoping for. I always overshoot my directions when trying to do supers and specials on a stick, especially when I’m in a match. I’ll probably pick both of them up if I can ever find a good deal on them.


Yikes. I’ve never been on-board with this Key-only input. Love my JLF too much. Using keys only for any and all directional and motion inputs isn’t intuitive either.


You don’t need to control up and down with the same finger, so it’s going to be faster and more precise once you get used to it.
ASD-SPACE has been a common keyboard layout for fighting games for a very long time for the same reason.


Do you hitbox guys like the directions + regular buttons being so close together? I was thinking of getting one to try, but the layout looks awkward to me and my giant hands.


The point of having the movement and attack buttons so close is to allow both thumbs to be used for up and allow both hands to be used for links amd what not.


Would it be blasphemy to use 30mm buttons for the attack buttons?


not at all i’ve seen it done


Anyone made a mixbox-esque controller using 24mm buttons in a wasd setting instead of using keyboard switches?


I believe the new Hitbox Smash Box has this.


I think that would feel a little quicker


Yes it would, unless you have really long surgeons fingers, you would have to stretch further to hit the attack buttons because they are bigger and more spaced out (further apart). That’s why the Hitbox was designed with 24mm buttons, to make it as efficient (fast) as possible with as little strain on your hands as possible. You’re going to have to work up muscle memory for it anyway, but using 30mm buttons is not the way to go. Why do that? What’s your reasoning for doing it? Just to do something? Stick with the 24mm. Best of luck!


Have you or anyone else tried a Joystick 24mm button combo? Sounds pretty good in theory.