Hitboxes interpretation

ok i have a lot of gifs like this:

what exactly each color mean?
i can easily recognize that the red is the active portion of the frame (the one that can hit)
violet can be the autoguard since takuma have some autoguard frames on that move

but the others?

blue is the gethit hitbox for sure.
i have friends who know how to interpret the snk game hitboxes, ill ask them about it asap.

My guess.

Blue: vulnerable
Red: attacking
Purple: projectile absorbtion area

Yellow is probably autoguard.

I don’t know anything about that game but that move could have different hit and throw vulnerabilities. A dumb example is in 3s, Seans EX Uppercut has complete invulnerability to everything but throws for a brief moment.

That’s just the only option not posted but someone who knows more about that game would probably know :]

Good thing you didn’t use a picture of Omega Tom Hanks…he has no use for our primitive hit boxes :cybot:

One of them might be the “push” box, the box that deterines what part of a character is solid and can push the other character (or vice versa) when they move against each other.

Excuse me if its against a rule here, I didnt see it, and I will search myself; where did you get something like that?

Upload all those gifs…

yes, please.

i have almost the whole 2k2 cast plus some animated ones and some 98 too
plus the whole kof frame data and charts :smiley:

i have a matchup chart for kof94 but no one for kof 2002 yet :frowning: