Hitboxes, or should I say



It’s almost impossible to judge whether or not your pokes will connect. Whether your anti airs will work. I watch as crouching low kicks and sweeps clip through my opponents feet. What have they been doing for the past 8 months. How about instead of worrying about Mika’s ass you worry about, oh I don’t know, the most fundamental and “given” aspect of the fucking game; hitboxes or as I call them in this game, shitboxes.

I’ve never seen anything this bad. This is SF1 level bad.

How did they screw this up so bad? SF4 was fine, at least Vanilla and Super (I quit playing shortly after Super’s first patch). In fact it was pretty damned good, as a Rufus player and it was one of the areas I thought they got right with 4. Not quite 3S level, but good none the less. This is unacceptable. The game should not have been released in this state.

I know all it seems I do around here is bitch. Believe me there’s nothing I want more than to have a thread where I gush over a fantastic new SF game. But yet again we get a game that is primarily about stupid frame traps and even moreso because the footsie/spacing game is completely busted. If my characters limbs hitting don’t visually match up then we’ve got a big problem. Instead of just going by the visual information you will literally have to “learn” the ACTUAL range of your foot/fist as they just clip through opponents.

If you’re going to lift things from 3S like normal priority, then lift the pixel-perfect hurtboxes and hitboxes. As it stands this is a huge step back from IV which itself wasn’t as good as 3. How are we going backwards on something so fundamental?

Oh and the game is stiff.

I don’t like it