Hitboxes: The Game

Sounds like a waste of time.

Reading comprehension is not.

Would be better to just enable visual hitboxes over existing art. Things like legs and arms give visual representation to whats going on screen and make it make sense
using this idea it would be be random boxes with no visual que as to whats being done.

yes, an easy mod: 1. enable hitboxes 2. disable gfx.

Dude I’m not trolling your thread so chill.

I already said in my post above; a part of fighting games is people liking the characters and designs. Its like you’re presenting this idea just for the sake of presenting it and if its not something people would play or find fun than yes, to me that’s a waste of time.

I’m sorry dogg.

A game’s going to need more than being able to run on 10-year old cereal box computers to get people to play it

esp since people with computers that old are probably playing MUGEN anyway

speaking of which, MUGEN could make this idea a reality

But then theres no room for the deception that makes these games interesting.

Ie: Jin’s j.HS in blazeblue LOOKS like it has no range, its actually a good overhead pressure took…so on and so fourth…

with just hitboxes there would neve rbe that “X move has a ranger longer than it appears” etc etc

I would definitely play this game. Seems like a very neat concept.

How would your backgrounds look like? Would they be wire model renders of a 3D background? Or pencil outlines of a hand drawn picture?

just wanted to link this pic again

Backgrounds and separate spacial dimensions play no part in real fighting games, this ain’t Isuka


You know what I mean.

Wouldn’t work for me. I need some visual stimuli aside from just raw data, I need to like what I see (don’t care for HD or whatever though, I just look for a certain aesthetic). I would respect a game like this though if it was good

just as a related question but why the hell do hitboxes never match models?

what is the reason for that?

Because then you’d have characters that look like they’re… well, made of hitboxes. There’s always going to be some level of over or under shooting when it comes to putting art over a hitbox.

Wow…Something almost profound from you. I’m shocked. lol

Just stop. Why do you always have to go there?

i always thought the hit boxes were put to the character art not the other way around.