Hitboxes: The Game

Yeah but the same applies. Basically you can never get a square to fit in a circular gap, or a circle to fit in a square gap.

Haha, reminds me of a cheat in the original Ghostbusters game on Spectrum, where you could drive a car with no graphics (ie a black square on the street)

Yeah, either this or some sort of hack for HDR.

and how would you call that

hitbox fighter

the king of hitboxes

guilty hitbox

Call it Hitbox Fighter 2.

Refer to thread title.

I’ll wait for the squeal.

I believe you mean squeakquel.

melty hitbox

the hitboxes would deform as you lose life

an enraging anti-comeback mechanic

why the hell do hitboxes (other than the name) need to be square?

surely with the power of modern consoles a sprite based fighter could have hitboxes the exact shape of the sprite art?

I think that’d be a pain to work with and not always optimal. Not sure though.
Besides, I don’t think hitboxes should make little movements during for example idle (like they apparently do in SF3, which surprised me), doesn’t that have a risk of getting inconsistent results? Like maybe some attack or combo miss just because the animation was in a certain frame. For people with wild idle anims, the difference between certain points in the anim could be quite big.

There was a video on youtube of a fighting game with a ball vs a cube, or something like that.

listen to what you are saying.
it wouldn’t be a case of combo’s missing at far reaches of animations it would be a case of a few extra hits that wouldn’t have connected.

i fully understand what you are getting at though but if the game was built from the ground with hit boxes being teh actual sprites then i am sure the game could be made to work properly with them that way.
at least it would be a simple case of knowing if your sprites overlap theirs there will be collison and if they don’t there won’t.

ssf4 has some crazy hitboxes.
ibukis front leg completely doesnt exist.
have an ibuki mirror and walk them straight forward as far as they go, they almost merge.

I always thought about this kind of game, but I figured it would look better than what the OP showed.

Maybe a game with really complex hitboxes, including shapes other than squares and rectangles? I don’t know if that’s possible.

I think you can do something cool with only hitboxes, maybe robots or some shit, but I wouldn’t want it to be something that catches on.


I would play this if it was all trippy and vectory like Geometry wars.

Also, if you’re going to make this game you need some hitbox fighters that could never exist with traditional artwork.

I want characters that attack with crosses, X’s, and triangles.

I always thought it would be funny if a fighting game had a ‘hardcore mode’ switch on and off which would disable all graphics and only display hitboxes.

Some kind of background is useful though, because players need to be able to guage the distance to the nearest wall, and figure out if they’re airborn or not. I suggest a 3D grid or something, or even just a square box with lines where the walls are.

It’s a novel idea, and if you made a game like this, adding art and graphics to it afterwards would be a simple affair while allowing players to test the balance while your resources are being created, therefore saving development time.

Also, making pixel-perfect hitbox detection is not a good idea. Say you have a character who hops from foot to foot in their idle pose. If the hitbox was 100% accurate to their sprite, they would be dodging certain low attacks half of the time just by standing still.

It would be confusing thats for sure.

Yeah, but dev’s usually put a simple mock up in place till the graphics are done. This will have no graphics so it can
be quickly made.

never was… never is… and hopefully never be, unless it is just hitboxes being shown.

Here is a concept picture that is little truer to form.

Don’t think it’s a good idea.

Your characters wouldn’t even resemble humans, they would just be morphing blobs who’s attacks don’t even correlate with punch/kick and honestly would confuse the heck out of players.

Also, would your character just disappear after getting knocked down?

Have a look at


You have to ask yourself why anyone would play this game. I mean would you have taken a second look at SF2 at the arcade if it looked like the mock up posted? The whole allure of the game is on its visually creative design, you only get to appreciate what a great game engine it is after you’ve been hooked by the visuals for awhile.

On another note though. This game would have to be done with SF4 or HDR hitboxes and speed. Imagining playing a MVC2 hitbox game makes me want to stick forks in my eyes. Any kind of 3d game like Tekken or Soul Calibur would be pretty terrible to play as well I would imagine.

…god I wish there was a hitbox mode for SF4, Just sit in training mode crying while I repeat c.mk with Viper over and over. ; ; fackin’ capcom!

Good point, Characters like Twelve are part of the reason 3S bombed.

Good points. If everything was abstract, it would have to stick at normal speed, and be 2D.