Hitconfirms: How?

[S]If I understand it correctly, hitconfirms are where you throw stuff out there, and upon confirming that they’ve hit, you chain them into something else. An example would be the 3rd Strike Ken’s low forward into super.[/S]

[S]How the hell do you do this? My reactions aren’t anything special, I’d say I’m around average, maybe even worse than average (average being 0.02sec). I’m playing SxT right now, and I play Nina. She has great pokes, and they can be hitconfirmed into very damaging combos. One of her main poke is the S.MK, which is at a 7 frame startup, and 4 active. That’s 4/60, effectively 0.067sec. How do I realistically hitconfirm something that only lasts for 34% of average human reaction time?[/S]

[S]I can’t do this. I go to training room and turn on “random” for blocking. And I try to hitconfirm for hours, and I can’t do it. I know that you are supposed to buffer the move you are canceling into, so that all you have to do is press a button when hitconfirming. But 0.067sec is 0.067sec, you know? Is everyone who’s able to do this super human? What am I missing here?[/S]

Disregard all of that, I’m an idiot. Though, I’m having huge issues being able to hitconfirm. Any tips on improving?[S][/S]

No you aren’t an idiot.

Which game?
Hit-confirming usually is when you throw out some lps or lks on an opponent and then cancel the chain if they connect into whatever.

In sf4 you can’t chain normals and cancel them. you have to do the last one with link timing. So if you do clkx2 as a hit confirm in that, you have to wait till the first lk is completely DONE and then throw the other one out and cancel.

This is pretty much the reason links are so prominent in that game - because doing an lp to an mp or what have you can be easier than the oldschool method due to this games whack system. It’s like they couldn’t decide whether or not they wanted to put chain cancels in or not so they just put this conditional method in that’s an easier version of renda in ST. V V V V

in Sf2 you have to renda cancel, or do your chain normals and then whiff one and do the special with plink timing. You can also simply switch attack levels- go from low to high or high to low- and the rule won’t apply. You can also link like in sf4. 2 in 1 moves are so damaging and safe in this game though that combos involving links are mainly for flash and really high damage.

In 3s, if you are attempting to do clkx2 to super, id suggest kinda mashing it out. Really. you can buffer in qcf’s into the clk’s and then the super will just come out when you are done.

Alpha is easy. It doesn’t care. Chain cancel all the things.

I play SxT right now. I’m not much of a fighting game player, but this game is rather forgiving to new players so I’m getting into it. The hitconfirm I’m trying to do are pokes xx specials. I’m not sure if the entire active frames of a normal is cancellable or not, but either way, with my shit reactions, I find it difficult for my brain to swiftly acknowledge that the move has connected, and that I can now cancel into a special.

I know that some suggest just embedding the special command into the pokes so when they connect, you just do them automatically. But that’s not a hitconfirm, and the opponent blocks, special comes out anyway and I get punished for it. So I’m trying to learn hitconfirm because that would vastly strengthen my game. Only that, I suck dick at it right now and not really improving which is frustrating.

Play an actual match against a human. Adrenaline can give you surprising results.

Watch Alioune Sensei play Nina on point. Take a look at his input.


Some people whiff a move on purpose and if the move hit it’s because your opponent walk on it. Walking mean you cannot block. If you move forward you open your guard so you cannot guard. So they doesn’t need to hitconfirm because they know that if the move hit, it will never be on guard

About hitconfirm by the way, you have 13 frames to confirm that the stand mk of Nina has hit.
10 frames of impact freeze/ Hitstop + 3 frames from the active frame minus the first active frame which has hit your opponent.
So buffering the next move and choose to push a button during this 13 frames is perhaps possible if you train for that

It’s not. I think 13 frames is well-below standard human reaction times. I think the standard “peak reaction time” for On/Off style confirms is roughly 15-17 frames. I’d love to see someone prove otherwise, though.

13 or 15 frames can be done if you pre-buffered the motion and are looking for it.
Hit confirming a move is completely different than reacting to a move where you have to make sure you didn’t get faked out by some odd movement.
Reactions of humans are dependent on more than just the time you have. It’s like how people can consistenly react to things like short hops much easier than they can standing overheads even if the standing overhead is something like 20+ frames.

Are you sure? I was talking about pre-buffered.

Edit: I looked at it again, and yeah, you’re right.

Has anyone ever seen someone react in 12 frames before?

Yeah, I used to play a lot of tekken and the way I would think about it was that <20 was unreactable. 20-24 was the nuance range and 24 was where all pros should be. Obviously completely scientific and totally true in all cases DOT DOT DOT, but Y’KNOW.

To the OP: Its just practice, the more you play the better you get a feel for these things, I remember when I used to do c.lkx2 with ken and still botch the super and then eventually feels like you have all the time in the world. Raw reactions IMO don’t count for a lot. Its the trained and polished reactions that’ll take you places and to do that just keep doing it

Hit confirm reactions and reacting to a move in general are two different things. Once you press the button and pre-buffered the motion you just have to confirm whether it hit or not. Especially when you become familiar with a characters “hit” animations it’s completely doable.

Reacting to a 13 or 15 frame move can’t be done because you have no concept of when the move is coming. When you press a button yourself you know that either he’s getting hit, he’s blocking, or your getting hit so you only have to concentrate on “did he get hit”. Not is he walking? dashing? feignting? Fuck was that just crouching without pressing a button? Fuck is he going to jump? Not the same level of pure reaction as reacting to a move at all.

A way to do it is, go to training mode. Put the bot on Random block and try to confirm a combo or not

That won’t work for evryone though.

I need the stress that a human opponent brings to really do hitconfirms.

Probably why I hate sitting in training mode.