Hitting assists off screen


The other night I was playing and I noticed that I was able to take down an assist while they where off the screen.

Some how my opponent called in an assist as I was using Hulk s. :h: and it took down the assist. They punished the whiff, not in the greatest way and I was able to get a hit into a Gamma Tsunami which I noticed picked up their main and their assist which was off screen, X-factor, Tsunami again DHC Dorm Chaotic Flame. This killed off their assist while it was off screen. Almost like the Second Tsunami carried them off.

Just weird I didn’t know I could still hit assists while they where off screen…


Yep you can, in fact i did it dormammu’s purification. The best part is that the assis wont tech roll so you can keep doing it over and over again. But this is purely situational.


Gamma Wave is probably the single best assist killing special attack in the game as it will hit assists infinitely until they die. If they get hit by a second H Gamma Wave, then it can be linked continuously. You can do the same with Gamma Tsunami. Gamma Tsunami travels damn near half the battlefield.


Up to 5 times != infinitely


will have to try this.