Hitting the BnBs

Hi, I’ve been playing CVS2 for about a year now.

I currently use Ken in N-Groove and I really need some help with him. My game is pretty decent, as he’s my best character at the moment. Now, what he needs the most right now are his Bread and Butters. I can’t do them.

This one, I’ve been trying it for hours on my ps2:
c.LK, c.LP, c.LK, QCFx2+P

Its just too hard for me. I hit the jabs and stuff, but I can’t move my stick fast enough to make the super motion. I’m simply wondering if there some trick to it and I want to know how long it took for most of you to get it right.

As an alternative, it would be great if someone let me in on an easier way to combo into his super than this method. When I play I just play the super on the cross-up, but I want to get the little extra damage I need to win if it is a close game. And doing a combo looks cooler too.


You just have to practice that. Try from practicing crouching short kick into the super. once you get that down then add the short,jab. then you’ll have it down. or you could try the level 3 super cuz it should 2in1 to it since you already pressed kick.

dont feel bad dude, practice. i got it down in like 3 months:o hehe… even now i might miss it once or twice. and it also depends on the distance

3 months :eek:

I see, I guess I’ve only been at it for a few days, so I guess I’ll get it with a little more practice.

And I’ll start by practicing what Trick said.

Thanks for replying.

That shit takes like 10 minutes to learn. I taught my friend how to do c. short xx super, and he got it in like 5 minutes.

Umm, ya, maybe that’s because it’s much easier to do then the one I’m talking about.

c.LK, c.LP, c.LK, QCFx2+P

yeah, adding a short, and a jab before it is really really hard.

Look, it didn’t even take me five minutes to do low kick super. doing 3 pokes takes the guy further away and sometimes, the guy is too far to be hit, jeez.

Anyway, I’m getting the hang of it, I get it like once every 5 times now. And I’m prolly ready to use that in a game.

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don’t be mad cause ur a handicap and can’t do a simple motion.

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Oh ya, saying all that makes you feel pretty special doesn’t it? Wow, you must be so cool to be able to do a simple combo, wow!

btw I meant I miss once every five times.

Also, uber, thanks a lot for your help, I was looking for tips on practicing and you helped me soooo much by making a fool out of yourself, it actually makes me glad I’m not as gay as you are.

don’t try to make ur handicap look better by bringing up the “it’s just a game” BS. you’re a handicap and that’s that.

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And also, why am I a handicap? it took me two days to practice a combo, jeez and you compare it to a jab super, thinking you’re so cool cuz you can do that.

when you do that combo do the first qcf while hitting the last short, keep the short held down and complete the second qcf motion pushing punch. hope that helps

get on the ground first, then after dashing or running in then after jump-ins normal and crossover.

also learn some other variations like cr.jp,cr.jp,cr.sk/fkxxsuper
it is beneficial to have different ways to combo in the super from different stiuations

tactics108 > uber_soldat

uber, not everyone can do every combo off-handedly. I still have trouble with all kinds of shit, but that doesn’t mean anything. I don’t see it as a handicap, for a pretty good reason; it isn’t. Well, I’m sure since you know every combo in the game and can do it all first try, 100% consistency, then surely you have no problem ever with easy stuff like the Joe corner juggle infinite, Kim C-Groove infinite, etc… Wow, come to think of it, you should go play MvC2 or GGXX! Yeah, we really don’t need crap like you representing this game’s fanbase. In fact, we don’t even want you here at SRK, so go make like a GameFAQs member and flame them at their board.

You could try a simple combo that is the same and doesn’t have qcf+P overlap AND lets you use the shortcut method!

cr lk, cr lk, qcf+lk, qcf+P.

No need for fast hands.


:lol: funny how some of you guys are proud in being able to do moves in 5 minutes or so, hehe…pointless… but yea, that move is hard to learn, it just takes time, your possible mashing the buttons too fast

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Do short, jab, hadouken motion with short, hadouken with jab. That’s the easiest way to do it. Also with a level 3 you can do short, jab, foward, shoryureppa.