Hitting the sweep link after Tatsu

Hey everyone, i’m trying to learn how to hit the sweep link after the tatsu more consistently. So far I just mash / double / tripple tap c.HK constantly. I tried plinking c.SK and c.HK also but i’m not really good at that so far.

Anyone have any tips for me to hit the sweep more consistently?

Get the timing down and learn to plink consistently. Mashing really isn’t effective, and the more you practice the timing, the sooner you’ll learn it.

Doesn’t work on everyone; the ones it does work on even still the timings are peculiarly varied. I get good consistency on dhalsim, try practicing on him.

I would probably say the easiest to practice on is Dhalsim or even probably Rog. Rog floats high and the timing on the sweep is pretty lenient and straight forward. I would probably say the hardest is Sagat.

Is the timing different for each character? I would presume the hitbox on dropping would be about the same for each?

I’ve been working on cammy since my friend who plays mains her