Hitting three buttons concurrently

I’ve just built a stick and decided to ommit the fourth button from each row. I didn’t count on not being able to hit all three buttons at once. I’m playing SSF4 btw. It seems that with the top row (punches) I manage to hit them evenly 80% of the time, and on the bottom row (kicks) about 10% of the time. I don’t understand the reason for the huge discrepency, whether it’s the button layout, or even the PCB itself (i only speculate the latter because it came from a pad with 6 face buttons and it too was easier to hit the top row than the bottom row ion the pad).

Regardless, I’m wondering how varyingly difficult it is for people to hit three buttons concurrently on their sticks, and whether there’s any technique to it? Right now I get supers out when I want an ultra too often.

this is a problem i have every now and then. it usually has to do with how you place your fingers on the buttons. either practice it a bit or just don’t have your fingers feathering the buttons when you aren’t pressing them. for whatever reason, when i shift to autopilot i often find myself feathering buttons instead of just hovering over them. sounds minor but typically fingers are of different lengths sooo this will happen on occasion.

of course it could be a problem with your stick, easy to find that out with some runs in training mode with button display on though.

I’ve been using button display the whole time, i’m not sure how that tells me whether it’s the stick or me. Seems I can’t even hit two kick buttons with 100% consistency though, so it could well be the stick.

A crude method, but get some heavy object that’s completely flat along the edge (a thick hardcover book or something?)
And press on the buttons. Do they all activate simultaneously in training mode?

Might be the PCB, which one is it? Maybe tech talk can help you a bit better…

Seems after sticking a wrist support under my wrists there’s a huge difference. Even when I don’t hit them concurrently the ultra comes out this time? And I get a clean x3 a LOT more. Guess there’s something inaccurate about having your hands too low down.

I tried using a ruler but i’m not sure if it was really flat because of the way the buttons are lined up, they came out any which way.

UPDATE: spoke too soon, it’s still hopeless.

Ruler won’t work because it’s flimsy.
Instead of ‘pressing’ the buttons, maybe try ‘striking’ them akin to pretending your fingertips are a hammer?
re: make a ‘claw hand’ and strike the buttons with a wrist up–> down movement.

Again, I’d try to find something that can press all 3 at the same time to make sure it’s doable consistently before you break your fingers more.

EDIT: When i mentioned the book, I should have said spine of a hardcover book, such that your pressing the buttons with it from above.

I had the same problem when I first stopped using those buttons. You’ll master it eventually, just like you’ll master any piece of execution which is practiced enough. Double tapping the input may help in the meantime.

To add to this, the benefit of doing this is that you release the buttons much quicker than if you would have normally pressed the buttons which means you get the benefit for having a second chance for your ultra to be performed through negative edge. Make sure you are releasing the buttons at the same time as well, not just pressing them.

Are you doing the ultras as part of a combo or just on their own? If it’s a part of the combo it’s possible that you’re missing the timing for it and then not releasing all the buttons at the same time which means that you’ll get a negative edge super. This can also be applied to doing a raw ultra, if you haven’t finished your motion before you press the buttons, when you release one of the buttons a super will come out. Make sure you are doing 2 full quarter circles and not getting ahead of yourself. Go into training mode and check the input of every failed attempt.

It was the PCB.

Simple test I should have done from the beginning: rewire the kick buttons to the top row. What do you know, I can’t hit them concurrently either, even though I had no difficulty doing the same for punches with those buttons.


So thats what the 4th buttons are for! LOL

caruga, check the solder points and make sure they are 100%?

They’re soldered just fine. The pad that the pcb came out of had the same problem with the same bottom row of buttons! It’s a saturn usb pad that I purchased on recommendation of it being the best pad for fighting games, and not being able to hit tthe bottom row is the reason it got stuffed in a drawer rather than used; of course back then I blamed myself as not dexterous enough to hit them all at the same time. According to the writing on it it’s a genuine sega pad rather than knock-off, too. I’m pretty sure that if you hit all three buttons with perfect precision, it is completely arbitrary whether you get an even three kicks, or some cross-plinked version.

Right now i’m only playing my alt, Rufus, on this stickless I made, since none of his motions require three kicks and I have little trouble hitting three punches. Got a new pcb on its way to me now from across the atlantic, fingers crossed it arrives in one piece. :slight_smile:

One good thing I can say about this saturn PCB is that it doesn’t allow left+right OR up+down. Now I have to research how to add that limitation into my configuration with the new pcb.

Anyway, i’m drifting off-topic…