Hitting two times with flying barcelona attack



Hello. =)

To this very day, I do not know how to pull off a double hit with his Flying Barcelona Attack…It seems to come out every now and then but I honestly don’t know it. =P

I would appreciate an explanation for this.




I think it usually comes out only from the EX version of his FBA. If u hit them when ur close (but not close enough to grab). i think there;'s a thread where ppl describe how to do it. Do some searching for it


thx for your answers, Shack and peezy.
I think I have found the thread you mentioned:


I never understood the point of doing the double slash. If you’re close enough for the double slash, you’re already close enough for the Izuna Drop and might as well do that anyway.


The double slash looks, and sounds cooler >.> I love it when I miss with his super, and get the 4 super slashes! CRHSH CRHSH CRHSH CRHSH YAAOOOHH!


well wouldnt u rather get the double slash instead of a single slash and end up getting FA? Think of it as a backup


Izuna drop beats FA.


u missed what i said. I said “Backup”.

Most ppl dont hit Izuna drop 100% of the time, especially during a FA since there r a bunch of FAs that move back or cause the player to crouch a bit.

So wouldnt u rather get 2 slashes on a FA INSTEAD of whiffing the Izuna drop and only get one slash?? It is like a backup safety move incase u miss the izuna drop for WHATEVER reason.


If you’re not close enough for the Izuna Drop, you’re not close enough for the double slash. The distance for the double slash and Izuna Drop is the same. So you might as well do the Izuna Drop. If theyre not the same, then theyre not easily distinguishable, and close enough that you’d miss the double slash just as often.


… backup


Try to izuma drop vs some akuma’s FA (played by an actual player).
Akuma will wait until you are in the air flying to him, and when he FA he moves back and crouches a lot, so suddenly he is not where he was a split second before, you don’t izuma drop but double slash saves the day.


This is not useful vs akuma in a real match because the insane d.hp he has, he can do d.hp on wakeup when your barcelona crossup is just about to hit and still hit you, but sometimes they FA because he will do more damage with FA dash and combo than d.hp.


you guys are not getting me. if you dont get the izuna drop, then you’re not gonna get the double slash. you’re screwed either way. It’s not much of a backup. If Akuma moves back with the FA, then you’re out of range of both the izuna drop AND the double slash.


I find that izuna drop is super difficult to hit on standing opponents consistantly. On FA happy opponent I build meter by simply canceling out of both Izuna and FBA, but in the event that I want to start getting my hits I notice the two hit is better against the FA.

The way I perform it, and I get it at least 75%, is to move in trying for the cross-up FBA to prevent backdashing out of the hit, and when you’re in izuna range hit neutral HP. The range gives you the two hits and the neutral HP negates the izuna notation.


this is my point. You’re already in izuna range. Theres no point to the double slash. You don’t need the “backup” if you’re already in range. If someone like Akuma tries to FA, then you’re no longer in range of the izuna AND the double slash. You no longer have a primary nor a backup.