Hi all! Brand new to the forum’s here. I’ve been play SF4 for pretty close now to two years. I’m not an amazing player, but working to become one. My main as of now is Ryu, but I’m looking to pick up Gen. I’m just introducing myself for now and hoping to make some friends here to play with. (Not a whole lot of people in my area play Street Fighter unfortunately. :/)

I’ve played Street Fighter 4 on pretty much all controller options. The Standard 360 controller, a madcatz gamepad, and finally got myself an arcade stick back in November that I’m still learning to work my way around.

Well, that’s me for now. Don’t really have many questions right now but I’m sure I will. Right now, just hoping to meet some people to play Street Fighter with. My xbox gamertag is Heiristine.

Hope to play soon! :shy: