High jump canceling, How does it work. I’m guessing before you land you do the super jump motion then do the normal?

I never heard anybody talk about that kind of stuff

Assuming you mean at like around :45 when he sjc’s the ex mgb. You just have to include down and up in your input sequence in such a way that the character begins to go into pre jump and then you hit the button for the special you’re using and it will cancel into the special out of the pre-jump.

timing is really tight imo. and you have to be really precise. I am amazed at how consistent TM is with it. my success rate is like 5%.

ive never seen that done before. that dudley was on point

Jumps are throw invincible from the very first frame. What you’re doing is cancelling the first few frames of a super a jump into a special move. Empty jump HJC Flash Chop is what’s hot on the streets.

The precision is what makes it inconsistent. You don’t get very many frames of invincibility so you have to time it to your opponent’s rhythm, which can be a bitch.

That SJC stuff annoyes me as i still never succeed in reproducing it, even with frame by frame method…

Ok, got it, i misunderstood base concept, probably cause of cvs2 rollcancelling, throw invincible frames are those of the superjump, not the special (like cvs2) which still remains completely throwable.
Superjump need to start before or exactly on the active frame of your opponent throw (2 frames max) and then activate special after the active throw frame.
Max special activation window (and also the max number of invincibility frames) is equal to the superjump startup - 1 frame.

Nice to see Karakusa being grabbed by Q C&Db ^^