Hk geiko safe jump



full hk geiko wiff geiko jump mantis mk
for cross up wiff geiko walk 1 step crane mk
dash forward 1 time walk abit crane mk


full geiko dash 1 time wiff crmp jump mantis mk safe on all 3 start dp


I have problem after finish geiko.To whiff the fastest geiko,I have try to mash the hk. But it seems not very stable.As I have try to finish the geiko with low speed against Blank.
Sometimes I did the safe jump and but not always.
I guess the geiko can`t be input in advance compare with the dash. The dash can be input during the recovery of the special.
In fact,I use like this : gekiro (low speed finish)—dash—crouh hp(mantis)—jmk(mantis). As this safe jump will change the postion to Blank.
Looking forward a better setup.


i find it easier and i more consistency finish hk geiko if i plink mp+hk and tap with my thumb on hk.hmm ok blanka it might not work due to hitbox issue i havnt test it out on blanka but maybe it the way u juggle them with geiko give diff distance when they land on the ground most of time i juggle mid -high if hte safe jump dnt work i adjust it mid or low mid