(hk,lp,lk,hp) combos

oh one more thing if you dont mine ok this how i do it c.lp,launch,s.lp,slk,back,foward+lp,hk,lp,tap down,lk,hp.

question:sould i hold back before foward+lp

or cancell right away after foward+lp into super

or hold down instead tapping down before lk

Thanks sorry dont mean to be a big bother , u know?

But still i really would appreciate it, thanks

ok i got it out but the super is to slow to catch him,is there a way to make anakaris trough the super fast enough to catch him

they say there is a trick to making it work…i have seen it connected quite consistently by some players via vids, but i’m not quite sure why Anak players would choose this super over b,f+:2p: