HK ruffian- FADC- U1

This sometimes comes out for me, but most of the time doesn’t.

At first I thought it was my execution, but after looking at my imputs, my motion is EXACTLY the same as when I do it outside of a FADC, except it doesn’t come out. But I never miss it outside the combo.

What could I be doing wrong?

have you tried doing ex bingo > fadc > u1? if you can land that 100% then the other setups are a breeze.

(not trying to be a dick)you should check the other threads…
this was recently discussed in the stickied combo thread & i think this sums it up well:

If it’s harder than what I’m failing at, probably not gonna help

If you’re getting ex rock try waiting for the dash to end.

I don’t think it has to do with me being behind them since I can do it most of the time on the right side, but miss it on the left.

Reox8888 did you mean wait for the dash to be over before pressing 3p or before doing the whole imput?

Have you considered trying harder?

Stop wasting my time and yours.

personally don’t really have an issue doing rk fadc ultra, though it took a little practice to get right

your inputs can look exactly like what they’re meant to, but if the timing is off it wont make a lick of difference. the thing is that inputs don’t show button releases or the timing (wish it did though that’d be kickass) for example if you’re getting ex-rocks or ex-upper or something, it just means (assuming you’re doing it right) that you’re buffering the ultra motion too soon, i.e. you might not have fully let go of the focus buttons (mk+mp) before you’ve started the buffering of ultra motion and that could be stuffing you up

tldr: those links need to be crispy, let go of all buttons before doing the ultra motion

I hope this works for me. I’m a Ryu Main and I get FADC into Ultra1 99% of the time but with Cody I can’t get it at all, every single time EX stones come out! Is that because Cody’s dash is longer than Ryu’s?

I’ll try that, thanks.

It’s because with Ryu you have to wait a little bit for the U1 input which makes it alot easier to do.


I’m not to sure how to explain any better than I did but I’ll try.

The most common setup for Ryu would be SRK, FADC, U1, the great part about this set up is that it keeps your opponent in the air for a long time which allows you to input U1 a little bit after you recover from the FADC.

With Cody you have to input U1 fairly quick after the FADC.

In the end though its all about sitting in practice mode.

Ah OK so basically with Ryu you have more time to input Ultra but for Cody you have to do it much more quickly? I keep getting stupid EX stones though, it’s annoying -_-. Hell I can FADC 99% of the time with Ryu, Ken, Gouken, Fei Long, Dan, Dudley, Seth but for the life of me I can’t consistantly land FADC Ultra with Cody. I guess I need to input faster, though I feel like that will be hard under the pressure of a real fight.

Here is a trick that should help you out. During the FADC buffer the df,df and immediatly when he recovers from the cancel press all three punches. I promise you with practice it will become 2nd nature.

Try it like this, make sure you hit a distinct neutral position on the stick in between.

qcf + hk neutral f+mp+mk

I have trouble pulling it off too…I can do it practice mode just fine, it’s in the game where I have trouble…for some reason it’s hard for me to do the FADC after the RK, don’t have trouble doing the Ultra once I get it off tho…I usually use Ultra 2 tho but I want to be able to do this too tho

its all to do with the distance and the speed you throw the stick. The closer you are to your opponent the faster you have to input the motion. Practice doing HK RK from far away from your opponent because HK RK will stall for a few frames before you can FADC it. If you do it close, you have hit your opponent but you are still stuck for a few frames before you can cancel with makes the link really tight. If you are further away, You cancel it right when the stalled frames finish. If you cant still do it they the easiest way would be to buffer the dash and ultra motion together. You do this by cancelling the HK RK with the focus attack as soon as you see the cancel buffer qcf, qcf, let go of the focus buttons and press 3 punches. Practice this with Ryu, sagat and gouken…if you can do them flawlessly they it should be cake with cody :smiley: I hope this helps

omg…the QCB,QCF works like a charm!
100% execution!
thanks alot mates