HK ruffian- FADC- U1

I know a reason why some people have issues doing this compared to Ryu, as stated above has to do with Ryu giving you more time. However, i think a point most people are forgetting is the motion. Alot of people follow thru with a SRK motion. the input is complete with the :df: , so when you follow thru, you get the :r: and half your dash is done. Since :r: is park of the Ruffian kick motion it can’t get added witht he dash… this makes it trouble-some if your not realizing it. Just an observation

I actually i also notice the QCB, QCF 3p works only on certain char size and also depending on what kinda combo u connect to exe the ultra.
For Ryu, if u do a jhp, chp, hk rk FADC Ultra 1, u need to do the QCB, QCF 3p motion.
But if u do a jhp, st mp, chp, hk rk FADC Ultra 1 u can just do the normal QCF, QCF 3p motion.
If u just do a jhp, chp, hk rk FADC Ultra 1 on Bison, u wont have to do the QCB. Just normal QCF, QCF 3p

hk. Ruffian from High distances > U1
Okay, So i am a bit new; so i am apologizing ahead of time if this has already been discovered or well posted. Okay on with the discussion. If you ever do a hk. Ruffian and its an anti-air and you FADC and your one of those poor cody players that are about to clutch a round with U1, but instead get EX Rocks or EX Criminal Upper (I know, you didn’t even put that backwards input in lol how is it possible. ). I recently discovered that you are able to do the U1 from really close or high distances by doing the U1 input backwards while dashing forward. Sorry again if this had already been discovered. : (

Almost forgot! xD Regarding the hk. Ruffian kicks that punish like mid screen jumps here is what you want to do to connect that U1 ( Not sure about this yet either really ). hk. Ruffian anti-ait xx FADC ( This had to be done fast and dashed out of immediately ) xx U1 input WALK 1 or 2 steps then press your three punch buttons. Hopefully, the U1 gets better value because of this, since it seems U2 is the talk of the town.

I guess i made a thread for this, and i should have put it in here. Sorry i’m a bit of a newb. xD

it’s so hard to hit confirm, you have to ultra pretty much straight after the dash. It’s satisfying when you land it though.

you just gotta keep working at it. when i first tried doing this i always flubbed it on the 1p side but i’m getting it more and more now. 2p side I can do it without fail :\

my problem was that i did the inputs too fast after HK ruff and didn’t get the dash cancel. just chill the fuck out and take it slowly until you get the motions right and it’ll come together.

yeah I remember when I was unable to do the last trial for cody (I’m new to the game). After a lot of practice (A LOT) it gets easier but don’t panic through the motions, and practice good habits. If you can’t buffer that ultra motion in one go (i.e. if your spamming d df f d df f d df f d df f). You should probably practice that first. Just remember to tell yourself (D, DF, D, F) 4 motions only this game gives you a lot of leniency.