HKN Cup 2008 @ A-Cho



1)???(Shimura Ken) - ???(Nuki) - K.O
2)???(Afro) - ???(Tonbo) - ?? (Kani)
Full results HERE

Ken only 1on1
1)???KFG (Deshiken KFG)




it would be very interesting to see a ken only tournament since ken appears in 3/4 of 3s matchs already --_–


all akuma tourney imo


nah… something like Q only,remy,sean and the sort, but ken? WOOW VERY INTERESTING!!! —_---


deal with it


interesting interesting… might be able to see rx,nuki,aruka etc using ken…


I don’t care about the Ken only tournament too, but look at this team:


Hayao is back!


What games have you been watching? :looney:


Looking forward to seeing Kokujin.


Ken v Ken is interesting. It’s all about footsies and mind games.

12 v 12 is fucking dumb to watch.
Remy v Remy is fucking dumb to watch.
Sean v Sean is funny sometimes, but mostly fucking dumb to watch.
Q v Q is fucking dumb to watch.

Ken v Ken is basically 3s in a nutshell, it’s all about one-upping your opponent through reading him [or guessing right, this is 3s after all].

Why the hell would you really want to see really low-tier mirrors? So you might find some gimmick to copy? Other than that…


well not like its supose to be fun to watch mirrors of a character thatsd already used 60% of the time


When I first saw this thread, I thought it was an HNK tourney with a Kenshiro only event.

I am very disappointed.


ive been to 3s gatherings where for 2 hours with like 5 people we’d do nothing but ken mirrors lol

its such a fun matchup too. q vs q makes me cry tears of agony. at least urien mirrors while dumb are fun.


ken vs ken is a dope tourney. id rather get drunk than play low tier mirrors.

please get vids.


I can confirm that Kokujin (Dudley) and Hayao (Hugo) registered in this tournament. You heard it here first.


Results here:

It’s pretty safe to say that the best team won the 3on3 and the best Ken won the single tournament. But what about the second place of K.O’s Ken? :o


no vids?


Not yet, but since it’s an A-Cho event we just have to wait, I guess.

First post updated with results, thanks Jinbe for some translations!


oh good, hadn’t seen KO in anything since sbo, good to know he didnt finally RETIRE or something


First post updated with full results for the 3on3. Still no videos yet, I think.