HKSF 3 on 3 (featuring Canada's ACK and more)

Tournament was single elimination, 3 on 3. Results taken from and put together with team players/characters used listed earlier. Feel free to translate any team names etc.

EDIT: see results posted further down by Jack as I could not do it on this computer

The Toronto team was taken out by Carmen (highest place non Japanese player at Absolution)‘s team in the semis, the Elena team took out Carmen, the team with Joe and Derek (ex-Australian players), and the team of current Australians (PaulT, Lok and Hong). I was rooting for Derek, PaulT or Charles’ team to win. Not sure what happened to Onion (he may be on the DUDLEYs team). Any additional info not listed is appreciated!

Carmen used SA2 Yun btw.

Part 1 of Vids Here

EDIT: well names are fucked up, not sure how to get the chinese characters to appear

Wow, random. Good shit ACK, Canada represent :tup:

So that’s where they are. I had heard about Patrick and Ack being in HK but not Dickson. I guess they follow the scent of 3S. :rofl:

Good job beasts… even though they probably will never read this.

eKiN is the best!!!

1st - ??? [Hoi (ELENA), ??? (ALEX), ??? (IBUKI)]
2nd - ??? [Carmen (YUN), ?? (RYU), ??? (RYU)]
3rd (Tie) - Toronto Tyrants [ACK (URIEN), TEK (YUN), PAK (ORO)]
3rd (Tie) - ??? [?? (MAKOTO), ??? (CHUN-LI), Joe (KEN)]
5th (Tie) - ??? [Gary (YUN), Perry (SEAN), Carson (RYU)]
5th (Tie) - ??? [PaulT (KEN), Lok (ALEX), Hong (DUDLEY)]
5th (Tie) - DUDLEYs [??? (DUDLEY), ?? (DUDLEY), ?? (DUDLEY)]
5th (Tie) - Triple K [Angel (KEN), Calvin (KEN), kk (KEN)]
9th (Tie) - ??? [??? (IBUKI), ?? (ORO), Felix (KEN)]
9th (Tie) - Nothing Special [?? (HUGO), Sean (RYU), ? (DUDLEY)]
9th (Tie) - Vintage [?? (KEN), ?? (URIEN), ??? (YUN)]
9th (Tie) - Scar Tissue [?? (SEAN), ?? (RYU), HEN (ORO)]
9th (Tie) - CrossoveR [LK (YUN), ? (YANG), ? (YANG)]
9th (Tie) - ??? [Charles (MAKOTO), Ronald (YUN), ?? (HUGO)
9th (Tie) - ??? [?? (MAKOTO), ?? (ALEX), ?? (TWELVE)]
9th (Tie) - ROY ??? [Ricky (RYU), Twinsen (ORO), ??? (YANG)]

Official Result Page

Bracket format:


2P:Toronto Tyrants
Toronto Tyrants ?

2P:Nothing Special
??? ?

??? ?

1P:Scar Tissue
??? ?

2P: CrossoveR
??? ?

2P:“Triple K”
“Triple K” ?


1P:ROY ???
??? ?

8 ???

1P:Toronto Tyrants
Toronto Tyrants ?

??? ?

??? ?

2P:“Triple K”
??? ?

4 ???

1P:Toronto Tyrants
??? ?

??? ?


??? ?

?? ??? ? ??? !

BTW, the character tally:

ken X7
ryu X6
yun X6
dudley X5
oro X4
alex X3
makoto X3
yang x3
sean X2
hugo X2
ibuki X2
urien X2
12 X1
chun li X1 (yup, only ONE)
elena X1

no necro, akuma, remy or Q.

ACK and Ten’s skills are impressing everyone yesterday, however PAK wasn’t here, otherwise Tyrants may win the tournament.

many people didn’t play well yesterday, probably because they don’t ususally wake up this early on sunday… (tournament started on 12:00pm)

i think hongkies also too used to 5 rounds instead of 3 rounds.

is ack the blue urien (match 12) or is he not in any of these videos?

People, please help us by seeding the videos… Hit-and-Run will dmg the goodness of BT.


wow the video is already posted up…that is fast … anyway that is a very good experience for us and we learn alot of new stuffs from HKSF player. GG to all of ya.

I’m looking forward to downloading and watching this when I get a chance. All those fresh new Oro players, especially PAK. If I go to T7, I’ll want to meet him.

im seeding now but theres only 2 people connected

Patrick no showed? … wtf

it’s only part 1~~~
and no, ack is not in this part

um what freaking codec are they using on these vids? I’ve tried all players and I get no video :confused:

Edit: nm. Dumb bitcomet. Got it working now.

if this was a singing contest or a “Looking for change” contest, Toronto would have taken the gold.

ACK is my heroe!

team Tyrants are the best next to team STC!

get 2nd part of vids here

remember to right click, save as, then open with bit-comet!

Grats Toronto Tyrants if you remember me and Kyle (Hawaii players). Met you guys at Evolution. :slight_smile: Keep beasting!!!