HKSF 3 on 3 Video Discussion Thread

Results at

Part 1 of the vids available (via BitTorrent) at

Will post comments after I finish dl

Oh good, the last HK tourney was fun to watch. This 12 was fucking around with everyone going invisible after like every throw.

haha just finished watching most of the matches. Sean beats down a Ken! There’s also 2 other Sean matches vs the top tiers. Other surprising things…no Chun in this tourney and a Dud SAII user.

anyone hosting this?

All I gotta say is…


Man…did anybody see these vids or did the “torrent” part scare everyone away? These were definitely some entertaining vids with some good players. HK represent! :cool:

part 2? any time soon?

Apparantly, HK Yun players don’t know that you can end the chain combo with a fierce dash punch. They keep using the jab one.

Entertaining vids as expected. My description of HK 3s is this… “Watching HK 3s is like watching Japanese 3s from an alternate universe.” Meaning that their tiers/style etc are completely opposite to anywhere else basically because they have never tried to really copy the Japanese and have played the game their own way.

Has anyone downloaded part 2 and gotten it to work? My windows media player can’t play the format that the vids use for some reason. They look like regular .wmv files but I guess they’re something different.

i watched it without any problem. i don’t think u need any special codec. i already have klite so…yeah, just download that if you can’t get it to work.

great vids btw…