HMC Vs. DucJr/FFA """BIG Money Match"""

HMC wins it, games were best outta 5 per man scores are listed exactly how the MM went down:

DucJr (MSS,Scrub,Santhrax) 1-3 loses to SooMighty
SooMighty (MSS,Santhrax) 5-4 Beats Duc Jr 3-1, loses to Finesse 2-3
Finesse (Santhrax) 5-5 Beats SooMighty 3-2, loses to DC_StAtiC 2-3
DC_StAtiC (MSS,MST,MSP) 6-3 Beats Finesse 3-2 , Beats Illan 3-1 takes the win for HMC
Illan (IM-Cable-Doom) 1-3, Loses to DC_StATiC
Reset 0-0000zeeeerrrooo000000 … guy never had to play

Long Live HMC legendary like Kadour Ziani

dunno if it was recorded, woulda been dope though cause it was pretty wild

I <3 magnus

shout out to Chris Schmidt the distant HMC, come home soon son :sad:

H M C!

lol good show good show. dan holding it down when the pressure came on. although HMC won, Serena errrrrrr DucJr, Finesse, and Illan brought some excitement to the game. very enjoyable MM.

For how much money were you playing for? =].

20 g’s…- the g :clap:

to much money to count :wgrin:

Where all these matches played on the big screen?


hey ducjr why don’t you donate money to dipset next?

Good shit to HMC, sick fucks. Good job dan, anyone wanna play me for $5.00, haha.

fuck mike jones


don’t trip, ill come back home soon

vids please!

Anybody get this stuff on film?

I gotta say, I was going for HMC, and everyone knew that, just cuz they had duc jr on their team. That dude got a few win streaks at family and started claiming his mss was better than soo’s. Now I’m not saying soo’s mss is the greatest there is, but I know duc jr’s isn’t as good as his. In fact I think duc jr’s mss sucks, and I will/did say that for money and he got raped. He resorted to “play my scrub” and it got raped…for money. Now he’s resorting to “play my santhrax” so after I rape that team (which I will) as I did his msp he will just have to shut the hell up and admit I’m better. He was claiming all that shit about how he could rape soo, and low and be hold soo raped him. But If DJ wasn’t on that team, I would have definitely went for team Illan and Mac. But in the end they didn’t even have to worry about it since duc jr was so sure he would beat soo that he paid 10 bucks of ken’s entry, and all 20 of illan’s. What was also funny was that he told soo he would play him for 30 bucks after the team money match, but as soon as the team match was over he fuckin disappeared. So he lost 10 bucks to me, 50 to HMC, and I bet he’ll still claim he’s hot shit.

Reset: Now that dude had me rollin. Talkin shit that whole match, and it was all funny. I don’t remember him talkin shit like that until after that team money match of ducset vs. team beast where I was running my mouth non stop. Even still it was good shit to hear someone else do it. I kinda got a chance to kinda see what it’s like to be on the observing end of some shit talk like that and my goodness is it funny. Good shit dawg.

Finesse: What can I say, the nigga can play. I remember I used to think he sucked cuz he only played on the head to head. One time I got on there and was raping people and he picked santhrax, ocv’d me. Me and Rick both was like “Yeah thats soo” walk over there and its him. He don’t got the internet so he won’t see it but he knows he can play anyways. He did his part by eliminating the head of the team but its a team shit so apparently that wasn’t enough. Maybe if Duc Jr woulda did that he wouldn’t have had to play 2 people in a row but DJ sucks.

Soo: All that I wanted to see was him rape Duc jr and he did just that. We’ve beefed pretty hard in the past, but the shit is squashed and he raped duc jr so he gets plus points in my book.

Dan: I’m just gonna say this shit since I’m sure noone else was gonna say it. Underdog of the team, or so we thought. "I know Duc Jr, Me, and Dan were all pretty much saying “Dan is just fresh meat, whoever plays him gets the win”. Apparently, when there is money on the line Dan will play like he used to and that is just like soo hence the name “Mini soo”. Good shit Dan.

Illan A.K.A. “one hit wonder”: You did ur best, but everyone has their bad day and I guess this was yours. U still know u got the skills so next time Rep Team beast.

Duc Jr…You suck…Bitch.

hahahahahaha, nice


finesse, does he wear gloves sometimes??

hahahah yeah. he will always be called the guy who wears gloves

He wears gloves because he doesnt want to get sick by using the machines during like flu season. At least that is what he told me.

hahah oh yea i remember that guy when we went down. Chunk, Illan, and I were on the opposite side tryin to beat him, kept wonderin who he was, guys dope.

Thanks fanatiq, i dont know how i pulled it off but like you said when money is on the line i reform to the higher status of my past playing days.

chris: when you come back maybe we can get a HMC money match with some other team… hit me up when your coming down

hoov: i dont anyone got the vids, but if anyone did correct me and post up

next time, ill join the mm’s