Hmm.. So what should I buy to make a set?

I’ve been bitten by the Terry BUGard and now I’m trying to make a complete King Of Fighters Collection or as complete as I can make it for the time being. Here is a list of what I think I should be getting to make a set. Let me know if i’m missing any games on my list or if I should get a different version I dont know about. I’d like to get the most recent console version of any given year.

Fatal Fury Battle Archives 1 (Have This)
Fatal Fury Battle Archives 2 (Have This)
Art of Fighting Anthology

Orochi Saga Collection PS2 94 95 96 97 98
King of Fighters 98 UM PS2 (Have This)
King of Fighters 99 PS1
King of Fighters 2000 2001 PS2
King of Fighters 2002 2003 PS2 or XBOX
King of Fighters Maximum Impact PS2 (Have This)
King of Fighters Neowave XBOX
King of Fighters XI PS2
King of Fighters 2006/Maximum Impact 2 PS2 (Have this)

I know i’m probably missing a lot and some of these may not be the right one to buy. I perfer US only versions of the games.

Get 98UM as well

Did Realbout ever come out to the U.S.? you might wanna get that too if thats true. Other than that, def. get 98UM as its probably the best KOF game overall for the moment. You should also get Neo Geo Battle Colluseum for good measure i suppose

If you mean Real Bout Fatal Fury, I believe its in the Battle Archives volume 2

you miss KOF 99
i dunno if it’s available for PS2 (in japan yes in the NESTS collection) but u should buy the dreamcast release (quite cheap nowadays) which is called KOF99 EVOLUTION … it came out also in US back then. It’s different from the neogeo original version since it has 3d backgrounds and dark strikers (ex. dark athena) and krizalid 2nd form is avalaible in the chars selection menu.

fiol: he already mentioned the kof99.

The Orochi Saga in PS2 is full of glitches in some years, dont remember exactly, first I tought twas the PS2 but later heard the same thing from other people, 20 bucks in gamestop.

Get 98UM.

he said kof99 dream match ,which is the dreamcast edtiion of kof98! the evolution is the KOF99

I think he means KOF94 Re-Bout. It’s a remake of '94 with 3D backrounds, new effects, new characters, and better balancing.

BTW get 98UM as well. The game is quite amazing and having EVERY character in the Orochi Saga is quite nice.

I also suggest you get XI ASAP, it’s by far one of the best KOFs IMO. It’s basically KOF meets Marvel, a beautiful combo if any.

EDIT: KOF 99 Dream Match on the DC isn’t the same as KOF 99. 99DM is a beefed up version of 98. 99 is the beginning of the NESTS saga. Just sayin’ so you can get the full NESTS experience. (If you want to, that is, not the best story in KOF history)

Yes, get UM. Also try getting 99 on the PS1 or 99 Evolution on the DC.

i got the dc version of 98-incredible

Wow, I didn’t realize that 99 Dream match was really just 98. I went ahead and ordered 99 on the ps1, also went ahead and picked up FF battle archives 1 and 98 UM

If you want to be a TRUE completionist you can get KOF Neowave, but for the most part it’s an upgrade to 2k2. Your best bet is to wait for KOF Revenge, which is supposed to be the definitive version of 2k2. If you can’t wait, you can import 2k2 Unlimited match.

99 on PS1 was pretty crap compared to the DC one.

Plus the extra strikers on DC were hilarious. Dark Syo was just too awesome.

yes, dont buy the ps1 version, buy the dc version for kof99… backgrounds in 3d are not really good but the rest is perfect
about kof neowave, i bought it only for collection but dont like it

If you want a complete set, just get:

Ryuuko no Ken Ten Chi Jin (Art of Fighting Anthology)
Fatal Fury Battle Archieves 1 (get JPN version, codes w/ start button don’t work in US version)
Fatal Fury Battle Archieves 2
Fuun Super Combo
Garou MOTW
KOF 94ReBout
KOF Orochi Hen (not the same as that terrible US collection, pretty much has solid ports of 95-97)
KOF NESTS Hen (Neo Geo and Dreamcast versions of 99-01)
KOF 2002UM
KOF 2003
KOF Neowave
SVC Chaos
Samurai Spirits Rokuban Shoubu (Samurai Shodown Anthology PS2)
World Heroes Gorgeous (World Heroes Anthology)
Sunsoft Collection
ADK Soul

the only two i dont have are the ADK and Sunsoft collection which are too expensive right now :frowning:
I never liked KOF MI/MI2/MIRA so i wont buy any of them… kof should be on 2d, those 3d games are not kof to me.

Yeah, they are a little bit expensive now. I’m waiting for The Best versions to come out soon.

I don’t really view the MI games as KOF games completely. They are fine for what they are. However, yeah they did lose some mechanics that makes KOF, KOF.

I don’t think he’s asking for the ULTIMATE SNK COLLECTION. I think he’s just looking for KOF titles and FF titles (I’m guessing because it’s also the “King of Fighters” tourney too)

My bad. ^^^

The only fun of the MI versions are the challenges.

If youre very new to the KOF stuff watch this videos. Very informative and fun.


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