Hmm. When I have neither a ps3 or a 360, what TE stick should I buy?

It looks like a window may have opened for me to get a SFIV TE stick (though it may be a lure) so I’m considering jumping in without thinking. The only “problem” is that I have neither a ps3 or a xbox 360 so I’m a bit confused about what to buy. I have SFIV for my pc, and also play some other fighting games on that, but what would be brilliant is if I had the possibility of using for my ps2 and wii as well. No dice I guess, or am I missing something?

Bah. This messed me up right now, as I never thought I would be able to get one of these (and I therefore instead got a xarcade which I already recieved).

If there is a possibility of getting a ps3 or a 360 in the future, it will probably be a ps3. Only thing, are the ps3 as rich on fighting games as the 360 seem to be these days? Thanks for any input.

360 because it is easier to dual mod with an MC Cthulu and i think it has better pc support, but im not 100% sure

Hmm. Interesting. That Cthulu mod is something I really have to consider.

Now, the money for all this is another matter :wink: I already got a couple of eurosticks coming from LL in a few weeks. Should I just be happy with sticking these into my xarcade? Darn, I should never have registered on shoryuken. I think I fell in love with the sanwas from a distance.

well it does with SF4 due to it using games for windows live… but its not like he wouldnt be able to map the ps3 one to what he needed it to.

overall, the xbox stick will be easier to dual mod, like people said. i actually traded my ps3 TE stick due to lack of using it, and hope to at some point dual mod

+1 fwirth

Don’t forget that you will have to iron some wires… it’s not very complicate but you’ll need a little practice .

Regarding the PC drivers for the PS3 version : FORGET it !
Madcatz doesn’t care at all for the PS3 players… I’ve two computers at home : one has a motherboard with Intel chipset = OK, the other computer is using a VIA chipset on the motherboard = doesn’t work at all !

Go for the 360 version !
never seen such a good joystick… for years !

too bad that X arcade can’t have a deal with Microsoft regarding the TANK joystick…

Yeah. Just as I started liking ms, they had to start acting up again. Also, thanks for the warning about the ps3 version darkwolf4ver.

Cant give you guys any reps yet, but I would if I could. Thanks again.

Oh, and I DID order it :slight_smile:

360 version no doubt. Easier to dual mod down the road and much better PC support. I too have an X-arcade but I also was quickly lured over to the Japanese way after modding my SE. Now I have 3 japanese sticks for ps3 and one for dreamcast and my x-arcade sits collection dust. Its a shame cause i spent around 70 modding it to arcade spec parts.

  1. If for some reason you want to make it ps3 compatible or for last gen systems it could cost you $40-80 depending on what you do.


Best compatibillity with PC

360 for several reasons.

  1. It’s much easier to mod with a Cthuhlu than it is to mod a PS3 stick with whatever other boards you need. And if you need it for more than the 360/PS3? MC Cthulhu + RJ-45 adapter + IMP or DPDT Switch FTW.
  2. Better PC Support. Even the Cthulhu has good PC Support. Toodles has made sure of that.
  3. If something goes wrong with the 360 Madcatz stick, you have the simplest solution ever: Call Madcatz. It has been proven several times that in the case of a failing PCB, Madcatz will either send you a replacement board, or replace it themselves, warranty voided or not (to send it in to be replaced with a voided warranty though, you would have to pay for shipping, but to have the PCB sent to you, it was free for me). They stand behind this stick.
  4. Tournament standards are PS3, but that doesn’t mean you will always be playing on a PS3. If you have the ability to play on the 360 as well, there will be no problems playing anywhere.

So while the 360 sticks are $10 more than the PS3 ones, the pros on the 360 version far outweigh the pros for the PS3 version, which is merely the fact that the PS3 is the tournament standard.

Hi thirteen. I seriously doubt the xarcade will collect dust in my case, as I really dont know many others with arcade sticks (the scene just isnt that present over here) and I cant let myself have the advantage of a te stick while the guest is given the xarcade, can I? :wink: Also, there are other games to play that arent necessarily best played with a japanese stick. For metal slug for instance, I think I will be just as well off shoulder to shoulder with two eurosticks on a dual xarcade. Who knows though, maybe I’ll get picky with time? Heh.

Great input. This will be of big help whenever I decide to modify it. I think I will use it normally for quite a while to see if it works properly in the first place, before jumping into the fray. Should be easier to spot eventual quirks that way. Considering the “tournament standard”, thats about as relevant for me as a machine gun was to Ghandi. Not much in other words :wink: As long as the “standard” is up to the same Sanwa standard as in the ps3 version that is. However, having looked quite a bit around the net, and from what I read here, it seems to be.

Thanks to you other guys as well. Every input helps. Being a newbie here on shoryuken, I have to say that I’m impressed by how the majority of the people here seem to be both level headed and helpful while obviously being above average (to say it mildly) interested in kicking other peoples asses. Kudos to you :clapdos: