Hmm, which to mod and keep. SF4 SE or HRAP3

I currently have a Madcatz SF4 SE with 8 sanwa buttons and a sanwa joystick on the way. Being the impulsive tool I am, I just ordered a Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 for PS3. I’ve read the Hori has the same joystick I ordered but Hori buttons, if you were me, would you add buttons to the Hori and keep that or swap the whole sha bang on the SE and keep that.

Just looking for feedback that may help make a decision, ease of mod, feel of case etc.


the hrap is higher quality and the madcatz sticks seem to have problem with it im not surprised cuz thats what madcatz is known for id keep the hrap 3. just my 2 cents

Given the choice between a modded HRAP3 and a modded SE, I’d go for the HRAP; I like the size and layout better. I may be wrong on this part, but I think the HRAP pcb will work with PS2 BC games on a PS3, while the SE won’t. The SE would make for a great guest or travel stick so order another batch of buttons to replace the SE’s, but I’d prefer the much wider HRAP for most of my play.

I would, based on all the feedback I’ve read here, keep and mod HRAP3. It has a larger case lots of room to put additional PCBs and initial quality vs Madcatz SE sticks is much better. Only negative thing for HRAP3, PCB is NOT common ground.

Is there a quick and dirty on why not common ground is not good?

Crap, now I have to sell my SE maybe. At least it’s a fixed SE out of the box so the washer never had a chance to eat my PCB up. I really don’t think I need 2 sticks…

I love this forum and the quick feedback!

Hard to do Dual PCB mod. Much easier with common ground PCBs. If you only play with PS3 there’s nothing wrong with it.

Not having common ground means no daisy chaining your grounds, you have to individually wire each ground on your buttons/stick to the correct grounds on the PCB. You need to do more wiring and more soldering, which is something you should probably avoid if you aren’t completely confident in your ability to solder.

Some mods are also dependent on common ground… the dual PCB mod is harder if both PCBs aren’t common ground, illuminated buttons require a common ground PCB…

Thanks guys!

I think I’m good with only PS3 for now. Come to think of it I could always sell that SE with the Sanwa joystick on the way for it and stock buttons since the HRAP3 already has the same joystick in it, still a better buy than an SE out of the box with all stock parts.
I got options I think, I like having options.


I canceled my delayed Madcatz SE order last night after receiving confirmation on my HRAP3 order. All the negative buzz surrounding the Madcatz SF4 line made canceling my order a no brainer.

Thanks to all of the regulars on the forum who’s input persuaded me to take the plunge on the $100 HRAP3, I can’t wait to receive it!


Any thoughts on what a fair asking price would be for a PS3 SF4 SE with Sanwa joystick?

The stock buttons are actually perfect on my SE and the case is mint.

You sure about that?

I know the connection to the JLF is using the 5 pin connection, therefore its using a SHARED ground for the joystick inputs, but buttons do NOT SHARE a common ground with each other.

Well, I’m stuck on whether I should mod the SE I have or return it and then see if I can pick up a TE in the future…

You can always mod it and sell it here if you get a TE later.

Also IMO the HRAP is the more versatile stick vs the SE, it can work well for both table and lap play.

Get rid of the Madcatz “Sh*t Edition”

You know, I would, but I’d have to wait until August of 09 to sell here, unless I go the eBay route, but I’d much rather sell it to a SRKer. Restrictions are 6 months and 100 posts to sell. I now regret not registering when I first found SRK, which was back in July of 08, but I lurked around instead. I’ve got at least 100 posts now and I don’t even spam. I know someone here wants a SE, but looks like I’ll have to eBay it or return it, and wait for the TE.

Easy thread answer here:

Personal. preference.

If you like the HRAP more than the SE, or vice versa, that’s your prerogative.

Evelgest, sent you a PM about that SE stick.

First of all I’d like to say hi as being a new member here. I’m new to the whole fighting game(last fighting game that i really enjoyed was SFII) and arcade stick scene, and as such, not very knowledgeable on the subject matter, so i apologize in advance if i ask any dumb questions.

Im in a similar situation as to the one aforementioned, last week I lucked out and was able to pick up a SE stick from a small local store(have no idea how they got some in while GS and Best Buy were completely sold out). Now I have no idea what to do with it. I’ve read numerous reports about it being a piece of crap and breaking within a day, so that doesn’t make me want to keep it…

However, i may be wrong on this, i think if i were to mod the stick with Sanwa parts, it would be much better(same quality as TE stick?). Now my question is is this stick a good platform for modding? I know it’s easy to do, but I guess what I’m asking is joystick and buttons aside, is the actual case and position of buttons/joystick good? Or would I be better off keeping my eyes out for a HRAP EX or a TE stick( if those ever come back in stock)?

I think the SE is a great stick to mod and with all Sanwa parts you will have the TE in a nice form factor case. I love the box and quite frankly, the art is nice too. The mod itself doesn’t get any easier.

That is why I am kind of torn on what to do, I guess I’ll compare the box of the Hori tomorrow when I get it and decide then.

Right now I am kind of antsy because I now own 2 arcade sticks and really can’t afford to, nor do I need two.

I just hope there is a market for these things later in the week so I can at least sell one here or on Ebay.

I will either be selling a brand new Hori RAP3 or a SF4 SE with Sanwa Joystick, think I’ll be able to move either one within the week or so? (both for PS3)