Hmmm tick throw trouble lag related?

Yes I know their have been many threads about tick throws in the past and how to get out of them. However I couldn’t find a good one, and my thread is concerning tick throws and possible lag issues affecting the solutions.

Anyways I always play Ryu, so the other day I faced an opponent who just played Ken. Everything went fine and we had some pretty good matches, but things turned bad when he started relying solely on the knee bash tick throw loop and what alarmed me is, unlike in the past I was no longer able to escape it. I tried everything I could, but nothing seemed to work, I tried:

  1. reverse DPing right after landing from a knee bash

  2. doing a stand block and trying to counter throw

  3. doing a crouch block followed by panicky mashing of the short kick button

  4. even purposefully getting hit and trying any of the above

someone mentioned the possibility of lag affecting the timing of my inputs. The matches I had with this guy seemed pretty lag free, so my question is…if it is lag affecting my previous solutions from not working, then what can work? Anyone? feedback appreciated, thanks in advance. Maybe theres a solution that even works with lag?

hmmm 50 views and not one reply…anyone?

This probably isn’t that helpful but I never have trouble counter throwing with chun li. And I play some pretty laggy matches. Also, I’m usually the one tick throwing.

Isn’t reverse DP “THE” solution? You said you were able to escape it in the past…how did you get out of it before? I know the lag really hinders my ability to bust reversals when I need them but I know there are times when I’m not piano-ing properly.

The answers I’m giving you are sort of addressed to a range of possible ability, since I don’t know how much you know.

  • Reversal timing in SF2 is hard. Are you pianoing your inputs? Practice the shit out of them. Being able to do them sometimes versus all the time is a biiig difference when the pressure is on.

  • Apparently, against Ryu and a few other particular characters, Ken can do a fairly easy safe jumping jab against you right at the end. That means he can try the hit but also land and block before your reversal DP actually hits him. Careful.

  • You can also do your reversal DP immediately after blocking his “tick” hit, at the time he’d actually try the throw. This is difficult though, seeing as the timing required on your part varies depending on what he’s tapping you with.

  • Of course, if you do one thing a lot and he’s still going for those knee bash mixups, he could do things like just wait and let you whiff your DP, at which point you’re at his mercy all over again. The situation is a guessing game that is undoubtedly in Ken’s favour. Most players you’ll see online who even know how to do the trap don’t think of those things though, and will pretty much always follow it up.

  • In this particular context, getting hit first generally won’t help you. You may have heard the term “sacrifice” (taking the hit as a surprise to screw up their spacing) tossed around, which is a debatable as a useful tactic at all, but it doesn’t really apply here.

  • Spamming shorts will not save you against a tick throw unless their timing is INCREDIBLY sloppy.

  • Assuming Ken is within your throw range, and he’s doing a good tick, you can mash your throw button(s) to try and get it off. On paper there’s no great explanation for this in terms of game mechanics, but in practice it’s often difficult to get a counter-throw in this type of situation. Note that if both players attempt to throw each other on the same frame, the game will randomly pick which player actually gets the throw anyway. Unless your timing is notably better than that of your opponent, your odds are at best only 50-50. Not a stable strategy.

  • There are no guarantees with timing when lag is present. There is no lag-proof technique. You have successfully identified one of the unavoidable shortcomings of online play.

  • What do you mean there have been no good threads about escaping tick throws?! I swear we get like one a week and there are always pretty good answers.

  • While being able to escape the trap as well as possible is important, it’s even more important that you learn to avoid that situation as much as possible.

Huhhh, I just rushed this out and I’m pretty sure there are no (factual) mistakes in here. Hope this helps. :smile:

Im using a pad and cant pull the DP (Fei’s) of consistently when facing to the left, so it’s always game over for me when they start doing it in that situation, even when my game is overall better( IT HAPPENS). I always cry and die a little bit inside if it comes my way.
One day I’ll have a stick and no excuses :wink:

this was helpful, sorry but I looked back for a few minutes and couldn’t find any good threads about escaping tick throws and even used the never seeming to work search option. Anyways ill try the reversal DP practice more, I can only piano method it with 2 buttons since I’m on a pad ( the triangle and R1 button in this case ).

Trust Ive been having the same issues as you. People are ticking me when they shouldnt be and if I tick Im getting thrown right after the first hit. Before I nver had this issue but lately its becoming more apparent. Im going to go with lag on this one.

If your having problems specifically with counter-throwing as an option, heres some good advice that worked for me:

Mash harder. And always, always, always piano throw inputs ie for Ryu use MK, HK as well as SP and HP. This greatly increases your chances of getting reversal throws.

I think you meant to say mash faster instead of harder, I think mashing harder will just break your controller/stick. Its kinda weird how I never thought to use the piano method for reversal throws, ill try to remember tho.

Yeah, faster, harder same difference. Though if your playstyle is effected by trying to preserve your stick then definitely certain aspects of your gameplay like mashing will suffer IMO.