Hmmm wheres himura


has anyone order from him altely and never got any responses? i ordered a ball top and buttons for my hrap and he has yet to give me any updates or reply to couple forums that he attends. anyone in the same boat as me without any udpates that already purchased from him?


i ordered a sanwa stick from him a couple of weeks ago and got it no problem, he didnt respond to the email i sent to him either, but i did get the stick and some surprises too!:wgrin: he just seems to be very busy, im sure you’ll get it soon tho cause i havent heard one bad thing about him.



ic so it arrived at your house with no updates on when he shipped it whatsoever? guess itll come out of the blue hopefully


how long ago did you order? i was about to place an order but i’m hesitant now. i need my stuff by the end of the week, before i leave for school.


ive ordered bout 3 weeks ago. not too long as others have waited previously but i hear nothing from him.


I was gonna place an order tonight… now, as the same as drew, im hesitant…Should i still order from Rod? I don’t want to wait 3 weeks for my parts O_o…


i know for a fact ill eventually get it from him since alot of people vouch for him and are happy with his items that he can get. i have no patience i added him as a friend on shoryuken couple times ive seen him log on and im sure he read couple of the msges i left for him but he didnt answer while he was logged on to shoryuken.


it might also be that what you ordered was out of stock at the moment depending on what is was, then he has to reorder it and then wait till it gets to him to send it out to you. you can check the forums in the news section and he will usually make a post about shipments. :wonder:


you may not get a response for a while. he posted somewhere saying that he’s not returning emails or getting on AIM or MSN until he finishes with shipping current orders.

…no idea how long that’s going to take. just try to keep patient, i guess. it sounds like he’s pretty flooded with orders and personal-life stuff.


i was just about to order some buttons and a balltop for a friend of mine, but i haven’t seen rod on AIM in a long ass time. so i assume he’s on an extended vacation or something. the last time i ordered from him, it took about 3 days for him to answer my emails. yeah, he told me that he was sick, and he was swamped but he managed to get my orders out as quick as he can, and was really polite about it.

it took a total of about 2 weeks to get my buttons and stick. so yeah . . . just be patient and wait until he gets back. if you get at him on AIM (when he gets back), you’ll get your orders out a lot faster.


thanks alax. I guess ill just order it today.


can i get his aim if you guys dont mind. that seems alot easier :slight_smile:


i got it from His aim is Himuragames


my microboard is fucked up again, i contacted rod like 2 weeks ago but no avail


i take back everything i said out of nowhere i got an mail from DHL shipping status from himuragmes. my buttons are gnona arrive tomorrow. he just re post in his sites forum in the news section bout his problem. so yea hes good to order from guys :slight_smile:


Yea i got an email from Rod today saying that he shipped my order along with some others. If you want to keep updated on whats happening just go to the forums at . just gotta be patient.


Rod is a good guy. As others have said, he just got overloaded with working too many hours and was waiting on parts due to new shippers he started using. I would never worry that he would rip someone off, you may just have to wait a bit before he gets back to normal (he used to be quite fast in getting orders out).



Just to add further clarification, as it’s been said, you may get it quick, you may wait a while. If you wait a while (in the case of a friend, almost 2 1/2 months on one order), he makes it up in additional goodies (in our case, at least $40-$50 worth of additional goodies…THANKS, ROD! :)). If you’re expecting it in a hurry, don’t bother ordering…but at the same time, you can’t get these items anywhere else in the states. Ebay via the UK has Sanwa (push-in) buttons, and Sanwa (lower-end model) sticks, but no Sanwa screw-in, no Sanwa higher-end stick, no Seimetsu whatsoever.


What kind of goodies? 50 bucks worth? Dang.

I’m gonna put an order in tonight.


I placed a order yesterday. Anyone know ow long does it usually take to recieve the goods?