I was watching some match videos just now and I saw something that can be used to cheat.

The blue screen of death where it says please insert controller or controller is unplugged or w\e the fuck it says can be caused @ will I think. The marvel ports hate voltage fluxes and I’m almost certain thats what causes it.

Anyway, you can have an 8 button layout like on a 8 button mas stick. Even though 6 buttons are used to play marvel, I think you can rig up one of the other 2 buttons to cause a voltage flux @ will. I know a thing or 2 about electronics but not that much. I’m sure theres a way though.

so say you do a move like sents spit from full screen, and you hit your “blue screen button” before it hits them but they don’t go into block. This will cause the screen freeze shit just like super animation does and that spit will become unblockable and you can follow that up with something like hsf, quick dhc hail. You can even be extra gay and “blue screen button” during a rush down sequence to fuck up someones defensive blocking rhythm.

Sometimes the blue screen lasts longer than others, the video I was watching would flicker on and off for about half a second. Which is just enough time to cause the unblockable state but not long enough to actually complain about it. I think if DC recognizes that the voltages are back to normal, it’ll go back to playing the game.

I had this agetec that would blue screen up every time you hit jab. Some solder accidently got onto the pcb as I was soldering some wires but the blue screen would only last as long as you held it and as soon as it was released, the game would go back to normal.

I’m sure more than one person has thought about this because that screen does come up from time to time. So if a blue screened happened and it fucked up a sequence or caused something to be unblockable is that enough to say I want a rematch in tournament play?

this can get pretty gay because you could slow magneto down @ will if you saw he got around something and gets a free rush down. Tap your blue screen button to fuck his input then get away. Insert random cheating strategy here and so forth. The possibilities are endless.

Of course, if you suspect something is up, you can ask your homies to check his hands as he’s playing and see if he’s hitting a button to cause it but if you didn’t, you can’t go back and say he cheated because that blue screen happens all the time.

If you wanted to get extra sneaky about this, you can hide a mini button under your artwork if you have that type of stick. You can hit the plexi glass cover in the spot where the button is @ and cause the blue screen to happen but it looks like you just touched your plexi glass.

one button blue screen

in regards to it being a voltage problem. i’ve actually had the blue screen while no buttons were pressed. i left my dreamcast on and it magically happened. but who knows, maybe there are multiple reasons to the cause of blue screens. its weird, i remember at chunks house his blue screen was like on tweak mode. the blue screen would pop up and disappear like 10 times in a second when my dream cast and most others would just have a steady one time pop up. so maybe even if you could rig a button it might be dependent on the dreamcast/stick on how it would react to it.

does the blue screen only occur on dreamcast consoles or all consoles ?

i doubt this would be come a problem, if anything, before every match they can get a third person to test out all the buttons to make sure none of them are rigged

ooooh ok

at first this was what i thought you ment
when you said "blue screen"
i didn’t understand


i’ve never seen it on anything besides a dreamcast. more specifically i’ve never seen it happen except with the use of a MAS on a dreamcast. however, like shoult said, any other type of stick with a fault could also cause the problem.

the bluescreen is when the “a controller has been disconnected” screen pops up.

lol, marvel.

i think it happend in the duc vs sanford match #8 Evo 2k6
when storm hits sentinel towards the end with the lightning strike?



actually no, in that case he pressed start lol

oh… dam lol

You can hide small buttons from radio shack underneath your artwork if you have that type of stick. Then touch the button through the plexi glass to activate it. You wouldn’t be able to see something like that. It doesn’t have to be a “typical” button you would find on an arcade stick.

The only real way to solve this problem is to check sticks for extra wiring on the inside which would take a good amount of time and knowledgeable people to look for the proper things. Then to add to the fact that EVO is already pressed for time bad enough so they probably won’t have spare time to check this out.

It would easily take a good minute or 2 per match to check sticks. Alot of the custom jobs have really bad wiring jobs on the inside and can take forever to trace wires back and make sure nothing is hooked up suspiciously. So a good minute or 2 (x) the amount of matches there are for mvc2 and you would probably have to check the sticks just about every matchup. If you check it once and thats it, that doesn’t stop someone from rigging something up between matches.

I’m not saying someone has but if you leave the door open for cheaters, eventually one of them is going to walk in.

The blue screen in marvel is something that has been up for debate for a long time. I’ve seen players basically get rematches when they were in a losing situation during tourney play. You can’t tell someone they wouldn’t have made a comeback because thats why its called a comeback.

lol i know someone who uses this regularly in tournament.

LOL fairfield tactics for the loss.

Hey Neeezy Tinh is from Sac not Fairfield for the record.

Fairfield is straight.

100% awesome that neeezy didn’t even have to mention a name. We all know he’s a cheater.

i’ve seen a few players do it during casuals for extra games which is no big deal but for tourney play, doing it on purpose is flat out wrong. I’m honestly not surprised that someone has already done it.

So what happened to the guy who was doing it? did he end up getting a rematch or did he use it to regain momentum during a fight?

no one i know from fairfield uses those tactics :sad: just put a name on blast please! i dont even think anyone from fairfield has a MAS besides me hahaha

aww my bad,

damn them sacramento tactics. I’m not suprised hes from sac since randy lew, and larry s. play there, those cheaters haha.

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i have one:arazz:

neezy doin the ultimate side bust of 2007!

when did you get a MAS? are you goin to PPD’s house? chunkstas bout to be there soon supposedly. until sunday