HNL 808 GGXX: Accent Core

New thread for GG. Post up kids.

Scene info so far (No particular order):

D-Pad: Jam, Potemkin
Tim: Baiken, Anji
Lev: Slayer
Dagger-G: Dizzy
Joo: Faust, Sol
Shin: Sol
M.Bryson: Baiken
Dan H: Potemkin
Pretzels: Robo Ky
Jeff T: Ky, Testament

Evil: Johnny?
KOG: Sol?
Barcode: Potemkin?

-New School- (New faces that were at Zones this past weekend.)
Selovare: Slayer
Ken: Sol
Cherise: Faust
Tanka: Eddie

Hey guys, I gotta question for any of you guys.

LOL…I just don’t know how to get in them double jump combos.

IE, If I dust/somehow get the opponent in the air, I input the first part of the combo (the part before the double jump) then…I mess up the input for the double jump and miss the combo. LOL…the thing I was wondering about, (people have explained it to me, and I kinda get it but…) do I have to input the second jump AFTER going into neutral between hits, or can I cancel the attack by inputting the jump then canceling? the jump by doing the next attack?

KOG: Thanks for the offer, when you see how my Sol is truly the Sol Sad Guy in the Hawaii Realm of Guilty Gear (any version), I’m going to need all the help I can get.

Correct me if I’m wrong but, I think moves that are double-jump cancelable are used in this situation. Thus, you don’t have to go back to neutral. For instance Sol’s jump S or D.

by this do you mean that some moves are double-jump cancelable and others involve linking them?

if so, then I can see why, sometimes I can get some basic double jump combos and other times when I cannot.

thanks for your help.

and more so, for putting up the roster of players.

my mindset is outta whack, has been, for the last couple of weeks.

anyways, good games as always.

EDIT: Bum bum bum…got negged here. LOL

Just would like to know why especially if I broke the rules by mistake. So I won't do it again. PM me explaining why, as I wanna respect the rules of the forum, since the people that set it up allow people like myself to have the chance to communicate with other gamers in the area in which I live.

cool an 808 ac thread. I haven’t been able to make it out to play this yet. where are people playing? I know people were talking about playing it on console, but where? because I am very limited in where I can go right now since I have to use the bus. Anyhow, I am trying to learn Baiken and Millia, but everything I know with them is from the original GGXX.

thanks for the new thread lev.

shin: can you post a specific combo you’re trying to do? i have a hard time conceptualizing combos without seeing the specific moves. btw, dust combos are funky. they have different properties than regular air combos

mr. bastos: try to make it out sometime if you can! we don’t have a millia player yet, so that would be interesting. usually ggac sessions are on the weekends at The Zone internet cafe in pearl city. i’ll be posting official dates and times in the middle of the week. also, if you need a ride, let me know and i’ll see what i can do

sounds cool, though I don’t live close enough to get to Pearl City too often. But I’ll see what I can do. Oh and my Millia isn’t very good, I picked up Millia because I thought she was fun and she had a cool relaunch combo which I believe is gone now. So I have no idea wtf I am doing with her anymore. haha. I think my Baiken is better but honestly I suck with both. :rofl:

wait, derek plays robo-ky? interesting…

High Lev: Yeah I wish I was a kid again. I still look like it I guess considering the time I was at Walmart picking up a copy of Diehard collection … and the old woman at the register asked for my ID.

Shin: If you’re having problems it might be that you’re thinking of the double jump portion separately from the rest of the combo. When practicing just think of the hits preceding the double jump and the ones following the double jump as continuous and without any breaks (i.e. the double jump part). In a small way, it’s like a fast fly combo in that it’s seen as one continuous combo (if you were to get too caught up and focused with the fast fly portion then it’ll throw off your timing and drop your combo). Timing.

As much I love this game, knowing all the ins and outs of your character still isn’t enough to even be average at this game. It’s crazy the amount of study you have to put into knowing all the minute details of the matchups for your character. And if you happen to play characters like Millia (BTW Mr. Bastos, her relaunch combos are still in AC) where you need to adjust the timing and the combo for different characters… LOL

We should discuss matchup strategies if anyone wants to discuss/share. Yep.

Anti-Potemkin strats. Post up.

against potemkin: try not to have predictable jump patterns. pot’s 6p is really great, and he has two anti air throws. it’s of no consequence for me to throw out a random 623hs or a heavenly potemkin buster since pot’s pretty safe if he misses either move, but if you get hit by that shit it’ll ruin your day. other than that, i don’t have much advice since playing pot and playing against him are two different things, and i’ve only played against him one time really…

oh! sometimes people underestimate his range. it’s easy to think you’re safe until you get hit half a screen away by his sagat fierce (6hs). 5hs has a little less range, but it’s faster and recovers more quickly. and his potemkin buster has crazy range! always be cautious about the spacing between you and pot.

also, his backdash has a lot more invincibility than other characters’ backdashes. pot players will usually backdash -> potemkin buster against characters that rush often. again, it’s a matter of not being predictable and playing a little more cautiously.

i’ll think up more stuff later for sure.

aizen: thanks bro. lol…I just noticed this…I’m a noob for this. but I can jump twice on a standing ky( haven’t gone to try this anyone elsse yet) when I hit them slash, I can’t or don’t know how to with any other attack button. is this the way the engine is set, or am I that much of a noob. lol…sorry, I’m playing as I type this waiting for a cd to finish burning.

negative penalty…lol that’s like saying… sweet sugar.

D-pad: potemkin seems too advanced for my technical level.

IIDX: had a question about lag and stuff. cause remember in the car, lol…you were saying I could do the e honda fast hands …and I told you it was because of the lag. lol

if the tv has to convert the image it will have lag? was wondering, if a system itself were to require the converted image to be downgraded to a lower quality image, then it would not show up on the screen correctly ie choppy?
does anything happen if I play a hd-dvd on an old tv?

my bad guys. I like my reaction time, and my randomness.

thanks for understanding.

wtf potemkin is easy mode

lol…I need a programmable pad, scratch that a universal remote controller and macro all the moves, rc,frc, green and gold block, etc to the 50-100 buttons that are on it.

knowing me ,I’d still get messed up.

IIDX: lag tactic ST=bullshit e honda.

Shit i should go down to Zones one day and try to get some games in. Need to play more people other than Wang who smokes me for free and shit:lovin:.

LOL yeah, i know… Robo-Ky is good shit XD. Sometimes i play order-sol but i suck with him.

Id like to play Dizzy cause shes made out of wings, underboob, and sex. But ill leave that to Kyle :wgrin:.

One thing i have a really hard time with is getting out of shit with robo-ky when u have no meter. (besides bursting). Can anyone give me some tips and shit on my defense game in general.

Also, my bad Nat and Beau that u couldnt come over, it was kinda last minute and there was like 7 people coming already, any more and my parents woulda been salty.

For the people in town, (or out of town if you really want :rolleyes:) I don’t mind having some GGXX sessions @ my place every 2-3 weeks.

Shin: I’m not sure what you’re asking. What exactly are you trying to do?

Against Pot: Yeah his back dash has a longer invincibility than most, so it might not always be a good idea to jump in Hardslash with Slayer since he can back dash and pot buster you when you land.

Edit: Pretzels, when do people play at your place, and did you mean once every 2-3 weeks or 2-3 times a week?

P.S. I don’t think anyone has a clue about robo-ky on this island. You might have to ask Dr. Stormlocke in the AC thread on general fighting discussion or dustloop.

P.P.S. Managed to find two vids of Slayer winning a match vs. Pot. Good review even if you might have seen it.



Aizen: Every 2-3 weeks. Only day thats open is Saturdays and Fridays, maybe Sundays.

aizen: what I meant was, for sol, I notice that I can double jump combo with slash only, on a standing ky (the only character I tried it on) but I cannot double jump off the other attacks.

do I need to link it, or is sol unable to do this given the parameters of the engine.

thanks in advance.

Shin: So you’re talking about something like: 1) j.slash, double jump slash, and you want to try something like j.slash, double jump punch/kick/dust, or 2) you mean you can’t double jump combo from something like j.Hardslash into double jump slash (something wack like that)?

Either way, that’s not how Sol’s (and I’m supposing for other characters as well) combo works in this game. Yeah, don’t do it – to keep it short.

BTW, if you meant you were trying to do something like number two, then yeah, it’s not possible to start with j. hardslash and try to combo into double-jump punch or whatever.

You can sometimes mixup the double jump attacks to use as a somewhat ghetto overhead. E.g. You normally j.s, 5k, 2d (standard knockdown combo). But after a while you can j.s (it gets blocked, but they duck expecting you to finish the combo into the usual low sweep), but you double jump slash as they duck for the overhead.

aizen: yeah bro, exactly both 1 and 2.

ie I try to jump punch, then try to jump again before I land and attack with kick but I can’t. (i assume at least for sol you can go from punch-kick-slash-hard slash in some way mixing up ducking and standing attacks if you cannot go from a standing position)

for sol anyways, is it possible to double jump off an attack on an opponent (standing,ducking, jumping) with an attack other than slash. I think I did with punch, but not sure.

D-pad: the air combos that can be done off a dust is something I got get used to as well come up with more efficient combos.