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Anything Street Fighter HCMC/Saigon related, please contact user hismit. He’s the guy you want to talk to.

Weekly Meet in HCMC/Saigon

PM hismit for more information.


Wish there was more activity in this thread. I went to one arcade about 8 years ago that was rocking several SF Alpha cabs. Wish I could give you more info than that, but I was young then and had no idea where we were at.

It’s been a while (I visit every year), but I wouldn’t bank on Diamond Plaza having anything. Last I went, all they have is Tekken 3, Bloody Roar 2 (I think?), MvC1 and Samurai Shodown all on bust up cabs. Parkson Plaza also has an arcade but I wouldn’t say I’m confident about that place having them either.

Yea there is only like 2-3 other Vietnam threads on SRK that I’ve found. I figured since I’m going to be here for quite a while (not on vacation) I should start my own thread.

I was in HCMC in 2008 and I could have sworn I saw a SF cab in the Diamond Plaza Arcade/Superbowl. Since I’m in Hue at the moment I’ll have to wait till I get back in HCMC to find out. On and I forgot about the Parkson, I’ll check it out too. I mean what the hell… I’m always around the area anyways.

Anyways, I updated the OP. Only found one arcade so far in Hue and it was a little disappointing. The BigC building is pretty new too.

I’m from Vietnam and live in HCM. It’s sad to say we got no decent arcade centers anymore. Vincom center looks promising at first but there’s nothing good there except 4-6 Tekken 6 BR cabs. Others are tons of SNK stuffs with wrongly mapped buttons. There’s not a single one Street Fighter IV cab there, same as ST, 3S and BB.

SF IV players in HCM mostly play online on XBLA, while 3S players do on ArcLive emulator.

Hey hismit thanks for replying. It’s sad to hear that there aren’t any SF cabs around HCMC. That sure saved me a bunch of time trying to find one. But it’s good to hear that their is a scene. I’m wondering if you know where I can pick up Xbox controllers, accessories, or specifically a power supply/brick. Yes… I made the mistake of plugging in my USA power supply to a VN outlet without a transformer. I have a transformer now but I can’t find a power supply. I actually ordered one online but it hasn’t arrived yet.:sad:

I also forgot to ask, how are you getting XBL to work in VN? According to MS XBL isn’t supported/available in VN last time I checked. I’m guessing you are using some sort of VPN or proxy? I specifically subscribed to a VPN so I can watch USA TV, Netflix, and of course XBL.

Hello junK0 , I can help you with the xbox 360
It very easy with one shop call Haloshop I think you can go here K?t Tinh Công Ngh? Thõa Mãn ?am Mê
Address and phone is here : (08) 39 141 494 (08) 39 144 998
82 Pasteur
Ph??ng B?n Nghé
Q.1 , TP.HCM
They can fix almost anything or mod :wink: with a lot of accessory , but anyway you can come there and fix your power supply with cheap price and fast ( they can speak english too ).
About account xboxlive in VN mostly we chose region Jap or HK or anywhere around near asia if it on the list of country so we can play normal as region you chose above in System setting> Locate I believe ( that a good thing about xbox if your country not support or available then we just change our locate ;dd).
PS: you can play XBL with japan and nearly full bar network too but depend on time internet traffic of the day.
And sorry about arcade thing I believe there is not single SF arcade on the whole country , but we do have one SSF club and strong one but mostly is play offline , I don’t know about speaking English but there is three or four guys married with vietnamese girl and stay in VN for business is Cr8zykill3 and Simplistic, Noobiex, Dannyguile or someone else I missed. And all of there guys have XBL with online time almost daily so you can play with them if you want to! For easy just add this guy Kamikaze Ryu then you can find another ppl easy.
Have fun in VN
There is another one player XBL add him if you can : Cr8zyK1LL3r

Hey yearlync, thanks for the very informative post. I’m checking out the website and they sure offer a lot of stuff. However, I’m not too into the whole hacked Xbox scene. I’ll stop by and see what kind of price they’ll quote me on a power brick though.

I still haven’t been able to set up my Xbox yet. So I’ve just been playing SFIV on PC. Eh, better than nothing right now.

Any updates on sf cabs or nice capcom fighting game arcades? I’m gonna be in saigon/hochimin for 10 days in January.

I haven’t come across SF anything for the 10 months I’ve been here…:mad: Maybe someone else can chime in.:tup:


I’ve been living in Hanoi for three years now, and there is no fighting game scene here at all. I’ve tried contacting a few locals, but they seemed a bit wary of playing with a foreigner. Otherwise, it’s rare that an expat will be interested in playing any sort of fighting game.

I have a PS3, and I’ve tried playing online, but the internet connections here are really slow, so I haven’t even been able to start up a single match. I wouldn’t count on Xbox Live being much better.

The only arcade I know of is on the fifth floor of Vincom Tower, but it’s like taking a trip back in time to a family arcade in the 90s, except all the machines are broken and there are no fighters.

If you’re ever in Hanoi though, I’d be glad to play a few matches of any game with you.

so i’m going to be going back to vietnam on the 29th of january.
I’m going to be back and forth from HCMC and binh hoa, as well as sightseeing.
i haven’t be back for about 8 years so i’m sure everything’s different.
Would anyone be interested in getting together and playing some?

i’d just like to know if i should bring my stick or not.
my vietnamese is pretty bad too >.>

If I ever find myself up in the north I’ll be sure to say hi!

My update:
I’ve recently purchased a subscription to Xbox Live and have been playing online. tlkayin is right for the most part, the connections here suck! They are slow and unreliable (not surprising). However, I do manage to get some decent games going. Usually people from Singapore. I also did manage to find someone, I’m guessing an expat based on his avatar, in HCMC. We always seemed to get matched up so I added him. His XBL is : niranb (if you are reading this and want me to remove your SN just let me know). However, most of the time it is super super frustrating to get a game going online. If anyone in the general SE Asia region wants to add me my XBL is: nakoruru007

If you don’t mind playing with a newb/mediocre player I have no problems playing a few local matches. I should be free during that time… Where will you be staying? I’m in Phu Nhuan which is really close to the airport.

ill be back and forth from binh hoa and ho chi minh city.
we’ll exchange more info as the time comes :smiley:

update: my flight leaves 24th.
i’m landing on the 26th.

whats the preferred method of contact in vietnam these days.
i assume everyone has cell phones now :smiley:

Hi guys !

Just to say I’m vietnamese as well :slight_smile: I left Vietnam for France when I was 6.

I’ve never come back to Vietnam but I may do it soon.

How is Vietnam now ?

First time going back to vietnam. 4 days in so far. Saigon and Hanoi really feels like a big city in the US, just a lot of motorbikes. Havent seen anything fighting game related but I’m not really looking for it anyway. It really seems like business is good for everyone in the city. So much shopping is happening, lots of traffic. Tet is coming up so that might be the reason for high traffic atm. Cell phones and internet is good way to contact people.

So I’m in hcmc and having fighting game withdrawal. Anywhere to go or anyone to play? I also didn’t take a stick :frowning:

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