HobbyTown of North Charlotte "The Kumite!" 2010


The where:
Hobbytown USA at Cheshire Shops
3710-B West WT Harris Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28269

The when: Starts bout 12:30 11/7/2010, 11/21/2010 and 12/5/2010

Entry Fee: $10.00 entry fee (all goes into pot) $5.00 Venue Fee
Open Gaming: $5.00

Rules will be same for SSF4 as Evo rules.

Come and Fight!!! :woot:


I’ll def try to make this.

Anybody trying to come to Uncc on Saturday and get some practice in before the tourney on Sunday?


I’ll try to be there on Sunday :smiley:

Edit: What system is it on and how do you guys look with setups?


It’s on PS3 and if you want to bring an extra setup just in case we need it that would be great! Hype it up guys! Lets bring the Charlotte scene back!


Darklightjg1 bring all the UNCC boys down Sunday! And everyone get your practice on at UNCC Saturday with Darklightjg1! Lets get in as much practice as we can and make this an interesting tourney!


@ Darklight: What room are you guys having the casuals @ UNCC?

@ tink: I’ve got a 360, but if it’s still cool, I’ll bring it anyway. We can play some KOF 2002UM, if we’ve got enough down time :slight_smile:


Ill be at casuals tomorrow night at UNCC, and I’ll be at hobbytown for this sunday.


Jaguar131: Yeah bring the x-box man! That would be great to play some KOF! See you Sunday and be ready to play!


Hey good to see were making some headway with the tourney, you people keep showing this level of interest and we may just be able to Bring Back the Carolina crowed i remember from back in the 90’s. Who needs an arcade any way…(God i miss the arcade!!) Pause… Any way Ill be in the Building with my lady Tink like always. hey Logan if you read this i owe your Abel an ass wuppin Man you stomped me last time.


Hey guys, I’ve also advertised this tournament on our sctourney blog as an upcoming tourney :slight_smile:


Thats wasup thanks a lot for the advertisement much appreciated. See every body this Sunday. Till then. :nunchuck:
Spin on!!!


Thanks for all the support! Much appreciated! See you all Sunday.


Cola is going to be running late, so please wait until we get there.


I Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who showed up for the tourney!
Big ups to Darklightjg1 taking home 1st place and 2nd place to West.

Darklightjg1, Jaguar, West and everyone that showed up I look forward to seeing you next tourney on 11/21/2010!
Thanks again for all the hype!


So who won brawl…


Exclusive footage of Brawl Grand [media=youtube]BeitijKtPSA&feature=related"[/media]:


Be ready this Sunday for another tourney! Can’t wait, lets see another great turn out!


Whats good SSF4 Community this is ya boy Gravenig Aka Ninjamasta K Aka Vash the red typhoon. Warning the Charlotte Boys that The Horse Choker Aka Sardo-numspa, and The Infamouse Tekken lord the Chevel will be attending this week tourney and from wht these beast of the fighting game community have been saying bring a fresh pair of undies cuz its lights out Charlotte.:china:


Def coming to this and put my dictator to the test!


Try to be there in 12/5/2010

I am 360 pad player with m.bison.