Hockey: A Wonderful Game

[media=youtube]puMana_bq1o]YouTube - New York Islanders vs. Pittsburgh Penguins: All out Brawl [2-11-11[/media]

This game happened today.
Lot of bad blood between these teams, people knew it was going to get dirty when the saw that the Islanders dressed all their goons for retaliation from the last game. And it was just a huge goonfest in the end with a huge score in the end.
Also ignore the announcers, huge Penguin homers.

As the Youtube description shows…

17 Fighting Majors
59 Penalties
300+ Penalty Minutes
9 Game Misconducts
The Penguins end the game with 6 skaters. The Islanders had 9.

sounds like the old line “I went to a fight once & a hockey broke out”. :stuck_out_tongue: