HOD x5

Anybody see that one video where blackheart does his HOD special several times? they all connect and combo. I dont know which video specifically cause I’ve see WAY TOO many lol, usually at my cousins house or at school where they have highspeed internet so I can’t recall the video name. But im curious cause im beginning to think that a assist is required to make the opponent go up in a specific height in order for blackheart to HOD x5.

(like how doom can connect his DF+2P special into the photon special… Command : call rubyheart AAA, and DF+2P right away… ruby heart’s AAA hits WHILE you special, and it sends them flying WAY high up in the air after the special, which perfectly combos the photon special & connects it

i’m just guessing on that part. but if anybody knows, let some blackheart brothers know!

You do a team super with BH by himself. It’s the only way to do it. It combos into itself and doesn’t flying screen in that case.

so lets say my other 2 characters are gone. and all i have a left is blackheart. I perform the command for team super (DF+A1+A2), and just do it over n over n over?

and how does this work? there’s something different about doing it, in a teamsuper? does it make them go higher, enough for another HOD to fit in or what? thanks

That’s correct. If it hits the first time, it can combo into itself as often as you have meter.

WHOA! are you serious? damn thats cool.

btw mods, i accidently posted two topics of the same thing, feel free to delete the other one. sorry, thanks.