Hokuto no Ken All-Jagi side tourney!

*This is not going to be the only Hokuto no Ken tourney at evo.

Who can be the best of the worst! An all Jagi-tourney at Evo.

Entry fee-1 dollar
Only Jagi is allowed
Games are 3/5 rounds, 2/3 games, single elimination
All glitches are allowed except ones that freeze, reset or break the game (dribbles are allowed)

Prize breakdown
Winner takes all (I add 20 dollars to the pot)

This will probably be held in BYOC, or maybe in someone’s room. Matches will be recorded.

I say we have a 5 on 5 Jagi basketball game. See which Jagi can really break the court.

Only if I get to run my fingers through your hair.

This is the kind of stuff I want to see! Props for the whole idea, the games are there to have fun with and never have to be ruined by things cough Toki cough

:u: :rofl:

I love this idea…and it has nothing to do with the fact that I play Jagi :x

I got this shit on lock.

I was bored and tired at work, so I put on the HnK soundtrack, and it hit Jagi’s song and BAM it hit me, kinda slow and laggy like Nanto Jarugeki but it hit.

I’m in, B-Boys all around rejoice

Haha, I’m down for this.

Good news! Matches will be recorded hopefully by DVD Recorder, and be uploaded possibly the next day (If I have net connection/good 3g signal on my phone.) I would like DVD donations though if possible, they will either be used for this, or the Arcana Heart tourney I’m also helping to run.

This will start as soon as the “real” HnK tourney ends.

It’s extremely shitty that all of my room offers had to fall through the morning before EVO, but I’ll still be going. Feel free to use the recorder as you see fit.