Hokuto no Ken at GameCrazy in Southington, CT on 5/12

So, once again I’m going to attempt to hold a fighting game tournament. The location is the GameCrazy at 360 Queen Street in Southington, CT. Start time is 1:00 PM. We’ll be playing on PS2 and I’ll have pads, but feel free to bring sticks as long as they’re not likely to wreck up the glass display cases you’ll be resting them on. I’m thinking single-elimination, one match, but I’m flexible if people prefer best of three. There’s no prize, but no entry fee either. All I ask is that players respect that the company wants its stores to have a family environment, and act accordingly.

Feel free to call the store at 860-621-2115 if you have questions. I’m usually around 12-5 Friday through Sunday, but I’m probably the wrong person to ask for directions.

make a prize or smething and i can arrange a qiuck turn out

Sorry. The company isn’t sponsoring this, and I can’t afford to do it out of my own pocket right now.

Just a reminder; the tournament is this Saturday at 1:00 PM.