Hokuto no Ken Discussion Thread


Well first off, what does everyone think of the new series of HnK movies/OVAs? I just recently got Junai no Sho director’s cut and they fixed a lot of oddities and stuff in the original (point and case Souther’s shirt missing at one point the terrible looking children at that one point with Shuu). What is up with the Toki OVA when is that coming out?

We’ve got a seperate Jojo’s thread now, check it out http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?p=4684118&posted=1#post4684118

I’ll also edit this later for information so people that don’t know can learn some stuff.


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This isn’t about the fighting games it accidentally got moved here I guess so I understand why you thought that.


My apologies. Don’t know why it’s in FD.


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Yea the new hnk ovas are hot…yuria den is my favorite so far…but they are all good. The toki ova is supposed to drop last december i thought but who knows.


Sept with the hate. I’m passing the torch.


A thread for both HnK and JoJo isn’t a good idea, I say close this and start 2 new threads to talk about the God Tier-ness of JoJo & any other of Araki’s works, and for HnK.


yea HNK should have its own thread…
ill make it if he doesnt


the new OVAs are just so crisp and godly

anyone catch souten no ken (fist of the blue sky)? it’s pretty good too…but HnK will always be the best!! it gets a little out of hand at times though like how everyone is everyone’s brother or sister and they are all twins, lol…


ive seen two episodes…havent really had time to dl it yet. its the prequel series right?


^I haven’t seen them but heard they were OK.
The latest one is about everybody’s fav. Jesus, Toki. It’s been out for a less than a week now and it hasn’t been subbed yet as far as I know.


Toki…is cool but I always liked Shin…he dont get any screen time tho
other than the old hnk series


i thought it was a thread about JoJo the singer… =(…very misleading title


leave! get ouuut/
right nooow/
its the end of you and meeee


I’ve recently started watching the old HNK anime…although I wish I had all the episodes instead of relying on Youtube.


oops nvm…


I LOVE the Hokuto no ken/Fist of the North Star anime. Easily my favorite action/fighting anime ever, which used to be Dragonball Z but DBZ’s really got nothing on this stuff.

Just finished watching all of the original 80’s anime a few weeks ago, and Souten no ken/Fist of the blue sky. I’ve nearly seen it all, the only thing hnk that i didn’t love was that 1 Yuria Denitzu(sp?) movie. Which was basically a giant, long flashback with lots of strange stuff we’ve never seen before.

One of my favorite hnk characters is Souther. Now THAT was a badass villain! One of the select few to really OWN kenshiro’s ass in a fight.

As for Jojo’s Bizarre adventure, i’ve been a fan since the capcom fighters way back in 1999(CPS-3!). Its only been recently that i’ve gotten the anime on DVD but i only have the first two discs. Definitely want to see the rest of it.

<—has “you wah shock!” among others on his MP3 player



Some of the movies are on there as well. One could argue the quality is just as bad, but it doesn’t bother me.

I’ve started watching it and I’m almost to the Souther fight. I really like it. DB and HnK are in two different leagues (they’re both still awesome). Can’t get enough of Hokuto: Hyakretsu Ken! And the obligatory: Omae wa mo shindeiru


My top 3 fighting/action animes thus far are:

#1- HNK
#2- DBZ
#3- YuYu Hakusho