Hokuto no Ken: Evo side tournament!

Alright, since I haven’t seen any posts for an Evo HnK side tourney, I’ll post this up.

Double elim, 3 round matches, 2/3 games. No glitches that freeze the game, or make the game unable to be played. Dribbles allowed. Prizes are unknown atm, could be some HnK goodies, or prize money, it’ll be posted in a later date (Maybe by Hydra?).

Matches will be recorded! I do need help from you guys though, it would be nice for some DVD donations so I can record the matches.

Also, be sure to play in my All-Jagi tourney, one dollar entry, 3 match rounds, 2/3 games single elim, more info in the thread!


so when is this? I want in~ hopefully it’s not at the same time as cvs2 or cvs2 team tourament…lol

Use Rei.

This sounds like my kind of tourney, especially the all-jagi one.

I’m down, I’ll see if I scrounge some stuff up for prizes, nothing as good as last year though. Me and laugh should be hosting some HnK casuals in our room, I’ll get my new cell number to you guys when I get it next week.

Man I want to come to this. Will any of you guys be at Season’s Beatings III?

It won’t be during CvS2 (I’m entering in it) It’ll probably be during Marvel or 3s, have to see when I’m running Arcana with Art.

Only if you fly me there.

LOL, I guess I won’t be playin ya.

Alright, I gathered a few things up for 1st-3rd.

The tournament will be on Saturday at 7 p.m.

Matches will be uploaded on either my or Mizuki’s account, depending on how things work out.