Hokuto no Ken scene?


Yeah I know Im so late but just wanted to ask if anyone knows what happened to that game

a new “more balanced” version would have been so awesome

also I would like know where I can go and watch some japanese tournaments of that game (in their entirety if possible)



It seemed to me it was awesome without balance. The manliest fighting game ever…
Anyone have a link to the match where someone wins a round in like 1 second? :rofl:

What this game really needs, is some sort of netplay. And since it’s emulated now(atomiswave emu), that should be kinda possible, right? HnK for 2DF/GGPO!




wtf are you talking bout

hook me up man!


A vid of emulation (the horrible fps is because of the recording I think)


HnK actually has really good ‘balance’, in that pretty much every character can be stupidly broken if you learn them well enough. Some are obviously way easier than other though.




Whoaaaa hook it up!!!


It’s already dead. head explodes


Still it was pretty strange that HnK scene dies, the first two years was pretty solid even with the unbalanced stuff, it was the MVC2 of Japan lolz.

I heard that Arcsys lost the HnK licence so is almost impossible to make a sequel.