Hold Assist Method?

I just recently heard about this “Hold assist” method for FFLy combos…

Somebody want to explain this to me?
Thanks in advance.

Shoutzula posted about this, although it may have been mentioned in the sent threads earlier.
"a possible new glitch I figured out last night. I talked to snakeshotpeople and he didn’t know about it so I assume its new. NY bot is beast and all those guys know the ropes.

anyway, if sentinel does fly+assist @ exact same time, the assists will never come out. The fly input negates the helper call. Test it out in training mode. qcb+lk rh a2 all @ once.

Now this is the glitch. When you do fly+assist @ the exact same time, then fast fly any direction but press no normals, the assist will be triggered to come out even though you hit it before the fly. The fast fly is causing the assist to come out which is rather odd. Using this glitch, I can do double rocket combo’s when the opponent is on the ground rather easy in conjunction with helpers."

In a nutshell, instead of cancelling fly with a direction, you can cancel it with the assist button itself.

Instead of launch, LK xx Fly xx f.LK xx rocket punch…
…you can do launch, LK xx Fly xx Assist, LK xx rocket punch

Interesting… I’ll give it a go when I get my new stick.
Thank you.

does this mean fast fly comboes are easier to do now?

No. Easier to do in 2k10

i dont fully understand but ill try it out

does this mean for those who can’t do fast fly combos they can use the bolded part to see if they got it (fast fly)?

It’s not as flexible as traditional fast fly, since you can’t make spacing adjustments mid-combo without directional fast fly, but ya, you can use it like a short cut for stuff like Sent/CC rocket punch bnb.

i cant get it to work at all. should i stick to hold up method? is this really worth getting down

AFAIK you can’t hold the assist button (or up for that matter) to trigger fast fly, Im not much of a Bot player but if you can I’ve been doing it wrong for years haha.

The thing about it is it isn’t very different from normal fast fly-- you ARE actually triggering fast fly, only now you’re using the assist button.

So, Fly xx tap Up = Fly xx tap A1/A2

ive been doing lk tk fly let go of stick lk+commando. that way i dont have to return to neutral and then move.

Are y’all talking about FF+(atk button)+(assist button)? Cause I find that to work better than just FF, neutral, up+(attack button). Even though I can do it both ways.

not really, cause the way i currently do fast flies is

lk>qcb back move to up let go>lk+assist, hp

I’m saying for me it does, I don’t know for anyone else.