Hold on to your cats. Fighterpedia Tries to Determine if Smash is a fighting game


Well, it’s a party game, but that’s not a very meaningful or useful descriptor, since the only thing that really defines party games is surface accessibility and four player support. It could be any genre, and still be a party game.


Competitive Platformer.

I think :looney:


Regardless of what its called people still compete in it very seriously. I don’t think Melee pros or the guys making Project:M give a crap about what people think. It has the same “vibe” as a fighting game. Notice the commentary running in the background of that Melee match, that it’s streamed, the tag names, everything is so similar.


I always called this, Power stone 2, and playstation all-stars or anything with wild 4-player features “Party Fighters”. Trolling smash is still fun though.


“Party Fighter” will work until someone takes the time to design a game that uses the basic mechanic in a game that is intended to be played in a competitive environment. Maybe that’ll be a long time, or maybe there’s something already in the pipeline. I don’t think it’s a very useful term.


a game that revolved entirely around players fighting each other