Holding a charge during electricity



Is it just me or that you can’t hold a charge for a move if you go into electricity? ie, charge back, electricity for a bit, blanka ball?


i’ve seen it done (though i dont play blanka much at all so never tried it) so i think so…not sure though, of course. let me try it out. maybe you just arent doing the electricity long enough to get the charge?


Maybe also you try to do the blanka ball too soon and are still recovering


It only seems possible in C-Groove after a L2 cancel. I’m 100% positive it’s possible in that scenario, because of this combo:

j.HK,d/b+HK, L2 Pikachu Super -> HP Electricity, L1 Pikachu Super

8609 damage

However, just doing elec, then doing Pikachu Super or the 1-Shot Ball Super doesn’t work (neither does Ground Shaving).

Very strange.



I know you lose charge when doing chun-li lighting kicks…

i tried forever to do:

level 2 kick super… cancel last hit to rh lighting kicks

standing fp into rh sbk