Hole drilling and a Shank mandrel


I’m looking to drill holes in my TE for a 24mm button and a Neutrik jack, and I’ve found the hole saw I need, but then i came across something called a shank mandrel. Is a mandrel necessary for using a hole saw? Can i attatch either of these to an electric screwdriver or do I need a power drill?

EDIT: My TE is gutted and I plan on using an MC Cthulhu until the PS360’s come back in stock. This is my first time doing any kind of modding outside of button swapping.


you should just use the select button it works a lot easier and make the turbo button the back or selct button it really easy to do instead cutting a hole it looks a lot cleaner


You’ll need a power drill for sure, an electric screwdriver doesn’t have the torque or power necessary to drive the bit down into the plastic.
I think you’d need the shank if you do want to use that kind of holesaw.


Yes, you will need that mandrel. Also, remember to use a pilot hole, and a pilot bit attached to the mandrel if you decide to go that route.