Hole saws - which ones to get?

so i go to home depot to look for hole saws, and didn’t really fine what i was exactly looking for. anyways, i’ll list what i found and what i intend to use it for, anyone want to offer some advice:

25 mm - sanwa OSBN-24
29 mm - sanwa OSBN-30
32 mm
35 mm
38 mm - maybe to make clearance for the osbn-30 nut?
41 mm

24mm=15/16" in standard.

24 and 30 dude. Ace hardware or online.

I buy mine from here


If you want the english size equivalants,

15/16 ~ 24 mm (a little large but ok)
1 3/16 ~ 30 mm

What about for the joystick hole in the plexi? How big should that be?


Home Depot is not 30mm friendly. I found a 30mm hole saw bit at a local Ace hardware in socal.


get em from the link I posted, theyre quality and decently priced…

Are forstner bits better in general (wood,plexi,metal)?

wood yes, plexi yes, metal… not unless you feel like buying new bits often

Alright sounds good I’ll pick some up when I do my next build.

i’m a noob when it comes to tools, do you use forstner bits with hand drills? I’m going to need to drill the usual 30mm and 24mm holes in plastic, a utility box, dreamcast agetec stick side, and some plexi but probably also wood in the future should i choose a different bit if all i have access to are hand drills?

Yes hand drills work fine in lieu of a drill press, especially for thin cuts. Forstner cuts tend to follow your pilot holes exactly so if you can get those relatively straight you are good.

if you dont have the exact number bits, i would suggest using a slightly smaller size and use a file to file down the rest i.e 22mm hole/ file the extra 2mm and 29mm hole/file 1 mm down, you can get curved files for the job too (if you take your time you can make a decent job of it, any minor blemishes will also be covered up by the buttons/dust guard anyway)

thanks guys

um… I know that amazon sell Starrets Hole Saws 30mm.
Otherwise, I use this site. They have alot of bits!

get a hss (high speed steel) holesaw, futureproof purchase in case you ever need to drill in metals/alloys and not mainly wood.

I would go Fostner on the wood for sure but wouldn’t use the Fostner bit on the plexi. You will need a good hole saw like this http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/images/B000WA3UX2/ref=dp_image_0?ie=UTF8&n=228013&s=hi The Fostner heats up the plexi too much and causes melting. Just my 2cents :smiley:

Could there be any issue using a metal cutting hole saw on wood?