Holiday Stick Deals?


Hey Everyone:

I’m curious as to why there doesn’t seem to be any holiday stick deals. I remember for a while, there were a ton of deals. Madcatz TE’s seemed to be on sale for $99 or close a lot of the time. Now, they seem to be back to retail price, and Amazon doesn’t even have the Horis in stock (at least for PS3).

Is there a shortage? I’ve been sportin’ an HRAP3 with Astro City layout for a while now, but was going to try a stick with the Viewlix layout.


As soon as someone in SRK TT discovers something, they will post something.
Until then … your guess as good as ours

Mark man will annouce when Mad Catz offering deals via the game shark store


There was a SoCalRegionals deal going IIRC.


I haven’t heard anything - is the deal still going on? Perhaps it was only available to those that attended the event?


markman said that madcatz was gonna havea deal during SCR, but i didn’t see anything announced on his twitter, or here on SRK. granted i didn’t visit SCR official website or Madcatz (even though they are rarely announced on mad catz website). i got no clue i think it was mainly for attendees



I’ve noticed no big joystick sales this holiday season.

I generally depend on this forum to find sales myself but so far the sales are just not happening this year.

Even last year, there were very good sales to be had with HRAP V3 SA’s going for $99 + shipping (or free shipping) and markdowns on Mad Catz product as well. You couldn’t go to many sites without getting hit in the eye by sales and hardware.

2010 was a fantastic buyers’ market with all kinds of joysticks popping up at cheap prices. I saw a lot of HRAP 2’s and Agetecs going on sale for very low prices at online auction.

Likewise, 2009 had huge joystick sales during Christmas season.

This year – squat so far. Even the Mad Catz joystick events and sales seem to be a bit further spaced apart.

My gut feeling is that stick production was already down this year for a variety of reasons so there probably wasn’t as much inventory to begin with. (Of course, if Mad Catz and Hori are smart, they won’t tell us this…)
Also, the recession has deepened just a bit (real life intruding on people’s videogame fantasies) and some of the more niche ticket items are not getting the price markdowns they may have in the past.
It has been harder for people to find TE’s and HRAP’s this past quarter; it hasn’t been unusual for Hori Store and other online vendors to be out of stock on joystick items.

Note that TV markdowns are in sync with last year and there are still very good deals to be had on other items like movies and clothing.
… Although in all honesty you can probably expect more people to upgrade entertainment hardware and get new videos than a new joystick. Most people are not into hardcore gaming peripheral collecting. Even some collectors have gotten blase with the year’s offerings.

I have seen HRAP V3 's coming back into stock lately. Bad news is that there are no sales to see anywhere online. You’re gonna pay MSRP any way you slice it…

I’m predicting 2012 will be better for collectors in general. It looks like Hori might finally be competing seriously again and the addition of EightArc/Qanba and Razer is only going to make the options much better for more people. None of these peripheral companies can afford to go to sleep or let their quality drop. The players are that much more demanding on the equipment. I do think, though, that price is going to play a bit of a factor… How many people really want to pay over $160 for a new joystick that isn’t a limited edition??? The LE’s themselves can take months to completely sell out, too, and people get burned out buying the same thing with different art over and over again. There’s only so much that I think gamers can be squeezed for.

As lovely as some of the EightArc art schemes have been, there’s little chance I’m going to pay much over $150 for a joystick. IF the market is overestimated, we may see peripherals going on sale as they did during late 2009 and most of 2010.


^— I’ve been seeing lots of Madcatz TvC & WWE Brawl sticks going for less than half-price all year.

Which is stupid good for a stick which already has a good JLF clone.


Those are lower-end sticks that nobody’s buying…

The TvC stick is on a system that has been effectively dead for at least a year-and-a-half. Plus has the Wii ever had more than 3-4 new fighters dedicated to it???

The Brawl stick was never the best-looking stick to begin with; I think most people have figured out it’s cheaper to just buy the TE or a Hori HRAP SA model than to upgrade a Mad Catz SE…

Again, it’s been a while since I’ve seen anything like regular sales for a pro-level joystick like the HRAP or TE.
If anything, we’re seeing almost everybody’s stick lines shoot up to $150 starting MSRP with more than a LE’s at $170 or better already.

It’s not a great trend when even the regular wireless pads ($50 and up) are starting at more than double the price of last generation’s pads ($20), wireless or not.

Apparently, the same is applying to the pricing on peripherals which have been ridiculously expensive this past generation. They definitely won’t get cheaper next generation because I think enough of us have demonstrated we will pay $50 and up for wireless pads; a lot of are not cringing at the $130+ MSRP for joysticks, either…

Sure, things in general get more expensive, but the game industry has been unique in that software prices have generally remained level even though currency value has decreased. $50 for a game today is NOT the same as $50 10 years ago let alone 20 years ago. A $50 game now is a much better value. Likewise, it used to be console prices fell fast and you’d get to “mass-market” price (defined as $150 or less) by the half-life period (3-4 years in) of a console’s production span. This generation of consoles is $100 more than the last which was at $150 or less by this point in time. Retailers are already loudly wondering if the next cycle of consoles might be even more expensive than what this cycle started at. Prior to the PS3, every console that started above $400 failed in the mass-market.

(The Neo Geo sort of bucked the “$400+ fail” trend during its lifetime but I don’t think SNK ever intended for that system to become as popular as the SNES or Genesis did. There was no way those Neo Geo carts were ever going to be competively priced with the far smaller megabit-capacity Nintendo or Sega carts. Panasonic 3DO and Sega Saturn on the other hand…!)

I once had a TvC joystick. I ended up selling it when I decided to pass on the Wii. The original Mad Catz buttons sure didn’t feel that good to me and it was next to impossible to remove the original restrictor gate. Doesn’t sound like a good JLF clone to me. It’s great if you’re never going to change anything but the ball handle on the joystick, not so good if you’re thinking of modifying the tension or swapping the square restrictor gate for an octo-gate.


So there’s no word on any special deals on any TE stick for the 360 in Toronto or anything? (Or any online stores that ships to toronto).

By the way, other then a TE stick, is there any other stick I should consider? (Qanba, etc).


Consider Qanba Q4, Joytron Exchanger (once it’s on the market) for dual-modded sticks.


Toronto is dry my friend kijiji pretty much your best bet and e-bay at times if the seller will ship to Canada.