Hollywood remaking The Raid:Redemption


[SIZE=14px]Is a sequel to The Raid inevitable, and what do you make of the news of a Hollywood remake?[/SIZE]

*[SIZE=14px]Gareth Evans: Is there a sequel? Yes. We start working on it in September. And we start shooting in January, fingers crossed. Basically, we’ve got promotional work now which will keep us busy until the end of May, and so I want a summer holiday as a break – and then we’ll start working on the sequel. *[/SIZE]

In terms of the remake, that’s happening as well. I’m flattered by it – it’s great publicity for the original too, and for me it’s exciting, because the storyline is really stripped down in the original. There’s loads of different things they could do with it, loads of different ways they could explore it, but it needs a fresh pair of eyes to do it. I’ve exhausted my brain thinking of stuff to do in one building – I can’t think of any more ways to kill people with doors and stuff like that!

*But yeah, I’m glad it’s happening, and the approach Screen Gems have taken is very respectful, and they’ve brought Yayan on board to do the choreography for them as well, so that’s great for them, because they can go off and learn a new skillset, and bring that back to us in Indonesia. *
Please, NO :frowning:


Will Diago be in the sequel as well?

He was amazing in the first one.


Hollywood in control = Inevitable white washing.


The sequel will have some shaq sized shoes to fill .


He didn’t want a remake he just wanted to get paid, also him saying the original is “stripped down” strongly implies the remake will focus on having a plot and other elements not related to ass kicking meaning it will probably suck.

Hype for the sequel though.




Ugh. The original is SO good, why remake?

Americans need to learn to just fucking accept subtitles. It makes us look ignorant as fuck remaking everything with a whitewash.


Be fair, it makes us look lazy and stupid. Which if you talk to so called “Normal people” we are.


Well I hope they are remaking this with an all white cast and english dialogue because that is the only way I would find this kind of movie enjoyable. :xeye:


I am from pakistan and I don’t understand a word of this movie, but I was on the edge of my seat…what an epic movie truly great…and if they are to make a remake they better cast Iko Uwais, but the remake will be shit without him.


i am okay with this