HOLODEK SF4 Tourney pt2! Aug 1st! New England!

I was asked to help out this local spot in ME so come check this spot out because it has potential. Here are the rules

HoloDek Street Fighter 4 Tournament

We would like to invite you to our venue to play in our second SF4 tournament. If you live in New England, we are only a short drive away. Less than 1.5 hours north of Boston! We apologize for the short notice. Please spread the word so we have a good crowd and can see some GGs!

August 1st, 2009
Doors open at Noon
Tournament starts at 1:00 p.m.

HoloDek Kittery
506 Route 1
Kittery, ME

Double Elimination
Versus Mode
Matches are best of 3
Finals are best of 5

$15 per player
Add $10 for an All Day Pass (play all day on any of our gaming setups)
Call ahead to sign up!

We will run a 2nd $5 buy-in tournament after the first if everyone is up for it!

Pays 1st,2nd,3rd
60/30/10% split.
$120/$60/$20 @ 20 contestants, plus product prizes!

Games will be played on XBOX360. Arcade sticks are allowed.

Eternal fame on the HoloDek Wall of Game, and other product prizes will be awarded

RSVP via facebook here:

Call, mail, or join our IRC channel for more info! (207)439-4275, info@holo-dek.com, #holodek

Thanks guys. We’re looking forward to some action.

Also, stay tuned for info on the start up of our weekly “Fight Nights” at HoloDek!

Please don’t delete because they didn’t have enough posts to post in this thread yet and I am just looking to help them out.

I’m pretty sure I’m down :]

Everyone should get downnn! Last tourney was a blast to spectate. Just need more players this time.

the whole x-box thing counts me out =P

Less than a week away it should be pretty hype!

the whole 15 bucks thing counts me out!! wtf! evo was 10… whats up with that??

…and uhmmm yeah… xbox?? who the fuck has 360 sticks??

$15 is a common price

$10 for the tournament $5 for the venue fee

This is very true shankar even my tourney is the same price and people show up. There good people just give them a shot.

practice practice practice the tourney is in 3 days! I’ve spoken to a good handful of guys at the venue who plan on attending, plus the RSVPs from facebook and anyone we pick up from here!

so how did this go i wasnt able to go due to oversleeping

1st- Asian Tom(Gen)
2nd- Vigilante(El fuerte)
3rd- xCPx-(Ken)

It’s a pretty nice place and they were thinking about having a fight night. We gave them suggestions on what to do. Let’s get that ME scene HYPE!!!

yo asian gen doing it up. good shyt to the GU regulars GU/MA taking top 3 i like that.

Haha, I wish it was as glorious as that. There were only 5 competitors including us :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s why we gotta get that ME scene active to show MA what’s up!

But like I’ve said before, awesome set up there guys have they just need their own crew to compete.

If you guys start that Fight Night let ‘us’ know and we’ll pop up for to play some casuals!

(And start posting ;])