HOLOGEN sf comic cover!

anyone seen it on ebay ?
I dont have the link cuz the auction ended but is this real ?
I saw one with this cover but the seller says it “glows” or something I dunno :confused:

Its with this pic(attached)

Any idea UDON ?

I think he means Holofoil or Hologram Foil Printing?
There is ONLY the standard reflective Power Foil type. That’s all. Nothing glow in the dark or something…

Snaake guy, challenge me on xlag sometime before i cancel my account.

err yeah that :lol:
Ignore the stupidity,i couldnt remember what I saw.
Are these very rare though ?


sure,send a friends request :slight_smile:

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Well, they’re usually sent out 2 weeks after the regular issues, and are printed in limited quantaties. So I guess you can say they’re a little rare. It’s mainly a collector thing.

Additionally, the comic store that you buy the comic from only gets 1 special foil edition for every 10 orders they get of the normal edition. I have never bought from ebay and i only have 2 special foil covers, so you can say that they are pretty rare.

All foils are limited to 5000 copies. The stores can ORDER them seperately. Yes, for issues 1-4, they do get one FREE copy for every 10 regular copies of books ordered. But they can also order extra copies at a fixed cost.

thanks for adding…

I have them all so far, they are nice. Will there be a Sagat powerfoil? Best one so far is the Bison one :eek:

Shoot, that Issue 6 Akuma foil looks beastly too…