Holographic Artwork for Custom Stick


Hey, searched the forums and couldn’t find anything on it. I was going to make my first custom stick this summer and wanted to use some Holographic artwork of Blanka doing electric thunder. Wondering if anyone had any experience w/ holographic printing: where to get it done, price, if its worth it.

Thanks if anyone knows anything about it. :cool:


sounds like a cool idea…i would check local printing places…i imagine have only one printed is going to be kind of pricey…keep us posted if u find any leads


I have no idea if this is actually holographic/a hologram but this is what I have found.

http://www.extremevisionproducts.com/ is a website where you upload 2 images and they generate a .gif of what your print would appear as. It costs 35$ for an 8x10 and 99$ for a 14x18 print. I’d probably get the 8x10 cause 14x18 seems gigantic & expensive…

Anyway the actual printing process is “lenticular” so I’m not sure if that’s a knockoff of holograms or not. Anyone know?





^ These (Lenticular) are the images you flip back and forth to get two different images. What I thought the OP was referring to (could be wrong) were the holographic images which are trippy and rainbow colored, etc. I’d like to see either of those used as stick art. Gold/foil art would also be slick.