Holographic or moving images, has this been done on arcade sticks?

I’m just curious, has anything like that ever been done on an arcade stick to your knowledge?

you mean like on the Chun Li TE-S?

Does the picture on the Chun stick move? I can’t find a video that shows that…

If it’s the same type of lenticular art as the MvC2 stick then no, it doesn’t move although it looks great!


Up close, the lenticular layer just gives Chun-Li a more added depth in visual effect for the LE Chun-Li TE stick. Aside from that, I know nothing else that moves. The TvC stick has a nice soft coating on it but it eventually wears out.

I wanna see like…an image made out of LEDs or maybe even a small LCD screen mounted on a stick. :rofl:

It is possible to print out a holographic image. It is a very technical process and individual lenticular lens costs a lot. If you screw it up it can be very expensive.

I’m ready to trade my holo Charizard stick for 10 of your common sticks.

I needed that laugh.


lmao. Exactly.

I have never seen one, the only ones I remember were the anniversary pads that came out for the PS2 and XBOX


This made me laugh.

The lenticular image on the Chun-Li stick has different frames of art depending on the viewing angle. So while the main focal point (Chun-Li) isn’t moving, it does have moving imagery on it.

The artwork given to us by Capcom was no animated and we are not at liberty to alter the artwork to give it motion. However, if we are to use sprites (for example) in a future stick,we can easily animate something like Ryu doing a fireball or shoryuken etc.

So in other words, moving images (viewing angle based) via lenticular has been done on arcade sticks yes.

Holographic, no one has done yet.

Hey Markman, is there going to be a new edition of a TE stick anytime soon? I want the new pcb, but I’m not too fond of the Chun-Li art. Are there going to be any new designs yet? Also, while we’re on the topic, could there be like a generic art setup for a stick? I’m a plain Jane lol.

He posted a picture with all the TE sticks lined up with 2 of them blacked out. There are two new ones to be released but no one knows whether what type they will be. There’s the MK9 confirmed and then there are the WWE and SSFIV AE rumored to be but no one will know until Madcatz or MarkMan releases new info.

I did one like a year in a half ago its hard to tell from the image but it is from a 3d poster a guy on here made a java clip with it before showing the 3d effect but I’m having a problem accessing the original section of the check out my arcade stick thread one thing I know is its hard as shit to cut those 3d poster with an exacto knife

I must’ve missed that thread. Link to this picture?!? You’re talking about the PDP not Madcatz stick right (for MK9)? WWE Brawl stick has been officially shown. Same near Sanwa quality parts & case as the TvC stick (at least that’s what the Madcatz rep said in an interiew).

For the record. That picture was showing TE sticks only.

i remember there was actually a custom stick back a year or two ago that had an LED sheet lighting up lines underneath the plexi. Man that stick was awesome