Holy crap...bigfoot...err i mean bill watterson sighting!


i loled. and maybe shed a tear of joy.


Link does not work for me…


i just checked…it works for me. if you have facebook its a “trending” item

edit: try this https://www.facebook.com/topic/Bill-Watterson/103121059728244?source=whrt&position=9&query_id=-1


i didnt link the actual comic images…you can find those in the link at the bottom.


Ah, the good old days when a creative individual could be anonymous. I’m seriously thinking about creating a facebook and twitter page for my writing, but I’m reluctant to do so, since 1. I don’t like to support companies that I think are destructive, and 2. I really wish to remain anonymous.

This is an amazing look into the interactions between two highly creative people. Thanks for sharing Maxx.



but it also means he’s so lost in the current world. the fact he doesnt know how to work/comfortble with a scanner is amazing. it gives alot of insight into his old school mentality.


dope. i dont read newspaper comics anymore but his girls in the 3rd one was a dead giveaway. awesome thanks for sharing


I had always thought he was dead. I think I downloaded all of Calvin & Hobbes (I used to own a few of the books too) but I never did finish reading them, and now I think I’ve lost that. (*checks hard drive…yep, can’t find it).

Maybe I did read them before. I can’t remember. I guess now is as good a time as ever to re-read them.

I also have to get through Far Side. I guess I’ll do that while I look for a torrent for Calvin&Hobbes.


Next time, tell him your name is Zelda. He’ll move MOUNTAINS for you after that.


Saw this last night, and was immediately fucking thrilled.

Now if only Gary Larson and Jim Unger could come do some comics, I could literally die a happy man.


I saw this too the other day on Twitter. Sly bastard couldn’t stay away. I mean why would he? He’s still got it from what I
could see (I saw the comic he’s been doing).

He needed a break like anyone else I imagine.

What is astronomically coincidental though is I had watched a NetFlixumentary on that man the night before I saw the news
about him sneakily working on this new strip, the very next day. W.T.F. _



This was interesting to read about Bill Watterson and his ways of being anonymous through the public eye. Very inspiring.

Also, Bill’s lack of knowledge of today’s technology made me giggle a bit.


How so? I know he has been reclusive, but still…


Too bad it was Pearls Before Swine.


^ I hope every preteen schoolgirl you come across has tentacles coming out of her instead.

I know you’re fine with that so I also hope those tentacles tell you they’re saving themselves for marriage.