Holy crap Gen rocks

Hey guys, just registered here on SRK. Anyway I always thought Gen was cool but never put the time in to learn him. Every time I tried to pick him up I thought it would be too much work.
Until I came on here and saw/read about all the cool stuff he has. Now I freaking love him. Multiple ways to combo into BOTH ultras? HELL YEAH!
Anyway thanks for inspiring me to learn my new fav sf4 char.
Been rocking him online for afew days now, got like 60 something wins with the old bastard.

yea same here I mained abel and a couple others but i wanted to try something new to stand out from all the ryus and kens, sagats etc. So Im now learning and using gen as a regular. I get mad respect too like GG wicked Gen, or damn nobody plays gen, good shit. Gens dat dude, being good wit gen definitly proves youre no pushover.

I started using Gen last week and I’ve been pretty successful with him so far. I’ve probably had the most fun so far with SF 4 after adding him to my character repertoire.

I should know this…

but i dont. What dose GG mean? Good Game?

yes gg = good game, and gen rocks forsure.

I guess the reason I made this thread is to let people know that if you are thinking about using gen, he is worth the time it takes to learn him.

What do you guys like about Gen? I wanna know what sort of stuff I should pay mind to.

I like that he has IMO the best cross-ups in the game, tons of combos, it’s super satisfying getting a full geikro, and you can easily combo super -> ultra for a super stylish win.

Well for me he has great pokes. Has good range with his standing MK. If you can incorporate the MK into hands that’s the rage these days kudos to that.

My enjoyment is his mix ups. with his 2 styles you can mix-up in both styles. Hhis roll in Crane(KKK) can punish whiffs. As the person above me saaid, you can combo a super into either ultra for stylish win or a come back. His cross-up game is probably the best that i’ve seen. Both styles have great cross-up options.

My favorite cross-up when I have an ultra is cross-up with a crane (KKK) MK cr.shrt/ FADC to (kkk) ultra. Tough to time it (For me) but it is satisfying to do.

Gen has potential I think. Its still too early to tell. I don’t care what the tier lists say. He is probable the most balanced against the majority of the cast.

Gen is what Vega should have been. Why does HIS roll combo, but Vegas’ has this stupid startup time? Gens’ walldives are ALOT faster, much less predictable AND break armour (Vegas’ do not, leaving you to be FADC and thrown like an idiot), and he can combo into his mantis super OFF of the walldive, and then either of the ultras off of the super (though mantis ultra causes more damage, so yeah, use that)! Vega can do nothing like this. Vega cannot combo into his super AT ALL (it’s a stupid walldive grab), and he can only combo his ultra off of an awkward to do FA crumple back dash cancel.

Gen is just better. He has an overhead. He has crossups. He doesn’t lose range just because he gets hit a few times. His health doesn’t drop to 750 just because of some dumb mask mechanic. Also, there’s this most basic of things… Gekiro is actually a reliable reversal as well as anti air. You don’t have to charge it so getting crossed up means you can still do it, unlike Vegas’ scarlet terror.

Basically, Gen is Vega 2.0.

The only thing Vega has over Gen is maybe the flips (even though you get punished for using them half the time) and better pokes. Bleh.

His fists move with the fury of hell, that’s why.

First post on this forum, and that’s going to be in the Gen section. Yes, that’s how much I like him ! :nunchuck:

Can’t even really say why though. The old guy just has some pacy coolness around him and is one the most rewarding chap to win with…

… or even to lose with for that matter.

Since this is my first post, really want to say a huge thanks to all of you who are sharing info, tips and tricks on Gen. It really helps a lot ! :pray:

Yeah. Even in an unfavourable matchup I never feel like my strategy needs to be pigeon-holed to counter my opponent. With so many moves and mixups available you ALWAYS have something you can try. Even when you lose it’s fun knowing there’s so much more you could’ve done differently. Never a dull moment with Gen :slight_smile:

I came from playing Rufus. Rufus’s even or good matchups are REALLY fun. But try fighting a good Zang with him and you’ll quickly realize the fight is rigged to be slow and dull.

I like him because he’s not a cookie-cutter character. He’s an oddball. The character that the majority dosent want to use either because he’s regarded as difficult to play, or hard to win with overall. Why bother trying to learn this dude, when I can just use a standby like Ryu, whom everybody knows how to play?
Not to mention the props you get when you win with him. Some people are just completely suprised. :wow:

The main reason I like Gen… well he’s old, he’s sick, and he’s dying… but that doesn’t stop him from showing all those young pups out there, they ain’t got a chance in hell against a true master.

I love hitting Manits hardcore throughout the round, salt & peppering in just enough Crane to keep them off balance. Hell I’ve taken many a fireball in stride knowing I can EX roll through for the killing blow at any time. And Gen’s links and setups are all too sweet. I don’t think many people even know what Gen is capable of. Since most seem utterly surprised when I come out on top.

P.S. Does anyone use Crane for anything other than zoning and setups? I find myself only really using it for a couple seconds to do a very specific action, then immediately switching back to Mantis. I’m just wondering if Crane could be used to a fuller extent.

Crane can be used for setups true but also his cross-ups in both stances can be quite effect. I hear his jumping fierce is pretty good too.

Even so after his waterfall kick many players will tech form the fall and an unexpected wall dive can catch them off guard.

he looks like pai mei. nuff said.

His jumping fierce is great. Also his roundhouse in the air (meeting an airbourne opponent) leads to the KKK super nicely. If they are on the ground and you have a good angle, you can jump in holding back c. mp ? HP Roll. AND his roll is safe (at least I have never been hit after a blocked one) on block even if you miss.

Gen is the next character I plan on mastering. Always loved him since SFA2.

Same here, I’ve been lurking since I got SF4, and I started with Zangief, but now I can’t get enough Gen. I recently started pulling a positive win/loss ratio too!! This forum helps a lot, and I’m looking forward to being a (hopefully) active member of this forum and especially this section. :smiley: